13 Soccer Teams with Yellow Jerseys

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Soccer colors are more than simply a way to identify players as they serve as a symbol of loyalty, support, and togetherness.

You want to be sure that you have the correct team colors—particularly if you are purchasing a present for a diehard football fan or if you know someone who proudly wears their club colors.

Let’s discuss about the soccer teams who wear yellow for their away jerseys in this article.

List of Soccer Teams Wearing Yellow Jerseys

1. Fulham

Fulham FC is London’s oldest professional soccer team, founded in 1879. From 2001 to 2014, the club spent 13 seasons in the Premier League, entered the FA Cup Semi-Finals for the first time since 1975, and finished third in 2009. Fulham’s away kit is yellow and white.

2. Heart of Midlothian 

Heart of Midlothian Football Club was established in 1874 and had a rich and interesting history. The Heart of Midlothian War Memorial in Haymarket captures this sentiment. The Heart of Midlothian’s away team jersey is yellow and pink.

3. Wycombe Wanderers 

The Wycombe Wanderers was established in 1887 at the Steam Engine on Station Road. The team entered the Southern League in 1896, a year after moving to Loakes Park—its home for 95 years. Wycombe Wanderers’ away kit is yellow and navy.

4. Arsenal 

In late 1886, a group of Woolwich Arsenal Armament laborers decided to establish a football club. They named themselves Dial Square after the sundial above the industrial door, and are now known as Arsenal. The Arsenal away jersey is yellow and navy.

5. Celtic 

Celtic was established in 1887 by Irish Marist Brother Walfrid to help the destitute and needy in Glasgow’s East End. Celtic F.C. was founded in the midst of a boom in the relatively young sport of Association Football. Their away jersey is in the colors yellow and green.

6. St. Johnstone 

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St. Johnstone Football Club, founded in 1884, is currently one of Scotland’s premier clubs. They won the 2014 William Hill Scottish Cup by beating Tayside rivals Dundee United 2–0 at Celtic Park, their first major national prize. The away jersey is yellow and blue.

7. Sheffield Wednesday 

Sheffield Wednesday is England’s fifth oldest football team. Affectionately referred to as “The Wednesday,” the club was renamed Sheffield Wednesday in June 1929. The team’s away jersey is yellow and blue.

8. Everton

Everton was one of the first members of the Football League, having joined the league in 1888. They are likewise the first club in the world to build a stadium just for football. The away jersey of the club is made up of the colors yellow and blue.

9. Brighton & Hove Albion 

In 1897, Edgar Everest, a Sussex Football Association officer, created Brighton United. Due to opposition from Hove FC, the new soccer team renamed itself Brighton & Hove Albion. The team’s away jersey is yellow and blue.

10. Blackburn Rovers 

The Blackburn Rovers football club was established on November 5, 1875, at the St. Leger Hotel on King William Street. The club is still in existence today. Rovers were a few clubs founded in the industrial north and midlands to compete with the more aristocratic amateur clubs of the southern southeastern hemisphere. Their away jersey is a combination of yellow and blue.

11. Birmingham City 

Birmingham City‘s origins are in the church, like many football clubs from the late 19th century. The Blues are presently placed 28th in terms of significant trophy wins in English football history. Birmingham City is 21st in terms of seasons in the English Premier League, having played for 57 years. Their away jersey is yellow and blue.

12. AFC Wimbledon 

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In the eyes of AFC Wimbledon‘s fans, their club represents a continuation of the ethos that inspired the formation of Wimbledon Old Centrals in 1889. The team uses a pairing of yellow and blue on their away jersey.

13. Newcastle United 

Newcastle United joined the Football League with the aim of increasing attendance and revenue, but that didn’t happen immediately. Sir Bobby, one of Newcastle United’s beloved sons, is now memorialized in a statue outside St. James’ Park for generations of fans to cherish. The team’s away jersey is yellow and black.

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