5 Soccer Teams Wearing Orange Jerseys

Shakhtar Donetsk players celebrating their win on the field.

Why do specific World Cup teams wear different colors from their national flags? The soccer colors don’t only mean who you’re playing for but also represent team togetherness, support, and allegiance.

For example, the Dutch soccer team and supporters wear orange while their flag is red, white, and blue.

It is all because during the 80-year struggle, William Orange, Prince William III of England, was a key leader who helped free the Netherlands against Spanish rule. After independence, the Dutch rebel party chose orange as the flag’s hue in honor of Prince William, the Netherlands’ governor, in 1555.

In this article, I’d like to show you several soccer teams with orange as their color on their jerseys.

List of Soccer Teams Wearing Orange Jerseys

1. Cincinnati Bengals

A screenshot of a news article with a photo featuring on Jackson Carman from the official website of Cincinnati Bengals.


Founded in Cincinnati in 1903, the Cincinnati Bengals are a professional American football team. However, the Bengals were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowls XVI and XXIII in 1981 and 1988, respectively.

One of just 12 NFL clubs to have never won a Super Bowl and one of only five teams never won a title in either the pre-or post-Super Bowl era. The team is also unique in that it is the only AFL club that has never won a championship in either the AFL or the NFL.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ jersey color is orange and black.

2. Hull City

Daniel Cousin of Hull City about to kick the ball during a soccer match against Tottenham Hotspur.

In the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull City Association Football Team is an English professional football club.

They were promoted to the Premier League for the first time in their history in 2007–08 after winning the Championship play-off final at Wembley Stadium. During 2013–14 season, they finished 16th in the league standings, a season in which they also proceeded to the final of the FA Cup.

MKM Stadium (formerly known as the KCOM Stadium) is the home of Hull City, who relocated there after 56 seasons at Boothferry Park. Hull’s original colors are black and amber, with a striped jersey pattern on occasion, earning the moniker “The Tigers.”

3. Shakhtar Donetsk

Players of the Ukranian football club Shakhtar Donetsk posing for a photo on a soccer field.

Shakhtar Donetsk is a Ukrainian professional football club based in the city of Donetsk. They play in the Ukrainian Premier League.

Due to the Russo-Ukrainian War, the club was forced to relocate to Lviv in 2014. Since then, the team has played matches in Lviv (2014–2016) and Kharkiv (2017–2020) while maintaining its administrative offices and training facilities in Kyiv, Ukraine. Shakhtar began playing home matches at the NSC Olimpiyskiy in Kyiv in May 2020, replacing the NSC Olimpiyskiy.

Since 1961, the official colors of Shakhtar Donetsk have been black and orange.

4. Baltimore Orioles

A screenshot of the official website of Baltimore Orioles.

The Baltimore Orioles play baseball in Baltimore, Maryland. The Orioles are a part of the American League (AL) East division.

It was formerly used by many baseball teams in Baltimore, including another AL founding member organization called the “Baltimore Orioles,” who relocated north to New York in 1903 to ultimately become the Yankees. The squad is known as the “O’s” and “Birds.”

From 1966 through 1983, the Orioles made six World Series appearances, winning three (1966, 1970, 1983). Several future Hall of Famers represented the Orioles during this period.

The Orioles donned a white-orange home jersey and an orange-black away jersey.

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