20 of the Best Online Tennis Stores

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The French company Babolat, American company Wilson and Prince, Dutch-Austrian manufacturer Head, and Japan’s Yonex are the world’s leading brands when it comes to tennis rackets. Nike and Adidas still beat old rivals Fila, Lacoste, and Lotto while Under Armour and Uniqlo have entered the tennis clothing market.

But of all tennis equipment, players spend the most on their footwear. Tennis players in the U.S., the world’s biggest tennis market, has spent $227.8m in 2014. They also spent $188.4m on clothing and $174.6m on rackets, according to The US Tennis Industry Association.

List of Online Tennis Stores

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1. Walmart: Walmart has over the years created a name as a trusted retailer. In addition to thousands of other products, Walmart stocks tennis items ranging from tennis racquets, shoes, balls, racquet bags, and accessories. Its online shop offers a brief product description accompanied by a clear three-dimension picture, product rating, and price.

The interface of the online store is human-friendly and, thus, it is easy for a customer to navigate. Additionally, the store offers flexible shipping options ranging from fixed-rate two-day shipping, shipping to customer’s homes, to free pickup. Walmart stocks major brands in the tennis industry such as Wilson, MacGregor, Bulk Buys, S&S Worldwide, HEAD, and Wilson Racquet Sports.

2. Tennis Warehouse: The store stocks a diversified set of tennis items. It is one of the leading specialized tennis stores in the United States. From its online store, you will access racquets, apparel for people of all ages and gender, tennis shoes, tennis bags, grips and accessories, tennis balls, tennis towels, sunglasses, court equipment, tennis books, and DVDs.

The store accepts team orders, and so if you are a tennis team manager, Tennis Warehouse will give you a discount if you shop for your team in bulk. The store offers overnight shipping at a standard price of $9.95, free two-day shipping for orders above $75, and free return shipping for all orders that are returned.

3. Amazon: Amazon is undoubtedly among the world’s largest online retails stores. Besides the variety of other products that it stocks, Amazon operates a dedicated category for tennis products.

From the section, you can access brands of tennis racquets, balls, shoes, apparel, and bags. Each of the products is accompanied by a brief description and a rating or review if there are customers that have already bought it. Amazon ships internationally and offer a good selection to customers of all categories.

4. Tennis Express: With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and an online store with audiences across the world, Tennis Express is among the leading specialty tennis stores in the world. It is authoritative in the industry considering that it was named the “Retailer Of The Year” in the industry by Babolat and RSI Magazine.

Its mission is to nurture and inspire tennis players by availing them of a broad range of innovative tennis equipment. The store stocks the leading brands of tennis shoes, apparel, racquets, strings, grips, balls, and team gear. Any order above $25 is shipped free of charge, and they promise that orders placed before 3 PM are shipped on the same day. It is a one-stop shop for everything in tennis.

5. eBay: eBay is an appropriate place to access quality tennis products at an affordable price. The store allows tennis boutiques, tennis players, and tennis product manufacturers to sell their products on its platform.

From the store, therefore, you can access new or used tennis products. The tennis products that eBay stocks range from balls, shoes, racquets, bags, to grips. If you do not have a lot of money to spend and want quality tennis equipment, eBay will give you a variety of products.

6. Midwest Sports: Midwest Sports describes itself as the “world’s premier tennis equipment supplier”. It has been in the industry for over two decades now during which it has grown to gain a share in the world’s tennis market. The store employee people who understand tennis with a majority of them being tennis players.

In that regard, their customer service is robust and conclusive because the agents understand the sport. If you are shopping at Midwest Sports from a country that is not English speaking, the store offers an opportunity to change the language to the one you prefer. Further, it offers free ground shipping for orders over $69.95 and free returns.

7. The Tennis Shop: It is a division of JC Tennis LLC. The store stocks tennis shoes, apparel, racquets, bags, accessories, bags, and grips. Their customer service team is dedicated to helping customers make the right choices.

What is more, if you shop for team products, the store will give you attractive discounts. Additionally, if you are not conversant with tennis products and perceive that you might get confused, The Tennis Shop offers a personal shipping consultant upon request. For any orders above $50, the store will offer free shipping.

8. Tennis Plaza: Tennis Plaza is a specialty online tennis store stocking renowned brands of tennis equipment. The store is easy for a customer to navigate because products are categorized based on brands. It also has a “New Arrivals” section from where you can access the latest products.

The store stocks racquets, shoes, strings, apparel, balls, bags, grips, and accessories. It offers frees ground shipping and returns for orders above $50, free two-day air shipping for orders above $150, and free next-day shipping for customers in Florida. What is more, you can track your order from the online store.

9. eTennis: The store was started by Orlando Tennis experts and stocks all tennis products with the aim of helping people realize their nurture their game. eTennis has an engaging customer support team that is always available to assist. If you are shopping in the store and the item you are looking for is not listed, all you will need to do is call their customer support line, and the item will be ordered and delivered to you.

From the store, you can access men’s and women’s tennis shoes, strings, apparel, racquets, tennis towels, sandals and slides, vibration dampeners, accessories, hats, wristbands, and sensors. The store also offers a stringing service and runs a VIP Junior team program in which you can join and learn the sport.

10. Dick’s Sporting Goods: Dick’s Sporting Goods is a renowned retailer in the sporting industry. It has a section set aside for tennis where you can access various brands of tennis apparel, shoes, accessories, balls, racquets, racquet stringing machines, and paddle tennis gear. If your order is $49 and above, the store will offer free shipping. Besides, it operates a section named “Pro Tips” customers, and visitors are provided with information on becoming a successful tennis player.

11. Do It Tennis: The store offers a wide range of tennis products from racquets, bags, shoes, equipment, apparel, grips, string, accessories, to junior equipment. It is unique in that it makes an effort towards ensuring that customers access quality products at affordable prices.

In that regard, Do It Tennis runs a “Pro Player Gear Bundle” from where you can access tennis equipment used by renowned players at a discount. Additionally, it has a buyer’s guides section to offer leading information to customers who might not be decided on the products they intend to purchase.

12. Tennis-Point: Tennis-Point is among the world’s leading tennis specialty stores that are located in the United Kingdom. It is a high-end store considering that it stocks major brands in the tennis industry. The store is categorical on quality and customer support. It stocks tennis racquets, shoes, bags, strings, balls, and apparel.

For any orders that are priced above £150, Tennis-Point will deliver them free of charge. Besides, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Because they stock dozens of brands, the store offers a product compare feature to help you, as the customer, make a conclusive decision faster.

13. Smash Inn: It is an all-around tennis store. The store offers tennis products from shoes, racquets, glasses, bags, balls, strings, training equipment, to health and nutrition products such as creams and sports supplements. Smash Inn has a Smartphone application that allows the user to access the online store from their phone.

It also offers an opportunity to track your order so that you are sure when it will arrive and that way you can plan your game. Its major brands include Asics, Dunlop, Luxililon, Vairo, Mizuno, Salming, Bidi Badu, Royal Padel, and Duruss among others.

14. Pro-Direct Tennis: Pro-Direct Tennis stocks tennis products that range from men’s, women’s, kid’s, racquets, balls, accessories, and bags. The store specializes in renowned brands, for instance, in the case of adult rackets, it stocks Yonex, Prince, Dunlop, Head, Babolat, and Wilson.

It also runs clearance sales periodically, and so if you are looking for a discount, all you need to do is keep abreast of their upcoming events. Pro-Direct Tennis “The Locker’s Room” where it publishes the latest news in the tennis world thereby keeping its customers updated on the latest happenings.

15. Holabird Sports: Holabird Sports is a leading sports equipment retailer in the United States. Its tennis division stocks a variety of products ranging from tennis gear, racquets, shoes, accessories, balls, strings, clothing, and court supplies. The store also lists the number of each of the items that are available for ordering so that customers do not end up ordering products that are out of stock.

A majority of the items in its store are accompanied by a demonstration so that you, as a customer, will understand how to fix and use them. If you are shopping while in the United States and your orders are over $30, Holabird Sports will give you free ground shipping.

16. Direct Tennis: The store is located in the United Kingdom and is the official LTA British Tennis shop. It has a reputation in the market for stocking quality tennis items that are obtained directly from the manufacturers. Its website is easy for a customer to navigate considering that products are categorized based on brands.

Direct Tennis stocks tennis balls, accessories, rackets, shoes, and strings. Though the store offers international shipping, if you are shopping from outside the UK, you will have first to convert your currency because the products are priced in Great Britain Pounds.

17. Mister Tennis: Mister Tennis has been operating in the European market for more than a decade. Its online store enables customers from across the world to access its products. It has an efficient customer service that besides handling any queries that you may have, offer advice on the purchase and use of items.

Mister Tennis stocks tennis racquets, shoes, balls, bags, strings, apparel, and accessories. The store offers free shipping to any orders, international or otherwise, that is above £99. Its delivery takes three to four days, making it easier for you to plan your game after placing an order.

18. Tennis Ranch: The store is one of the largest in Australia. Besides stocking a wide range of tennis products from racquets, shoes, apparel accessories, bags, to balls, it offers a store walkthrough where you will have an opportunity to virtually move around the store and identify the products they stock.

It offers a standard shipping fee of $10 for orders below $150 and free shipping for any orders above $150. When you shop with Tennis Ranch, you are not only assured of quality but also the durability of the items.

19. Paragon Sports: Paragon sports stocks equipment for a majority of sports. Its online store has a tennis shop that stocks tennis shoes, strings, bags, balls, accessories, and apparel. Unlike other stores, below every product, Paragon Sports indicates the colors that are available in stock. That way, as a customer, you have options to choose from.

The store also offers services aimed at nurturing tennis in the community. Specifically, you can enroll in a FitPro program and get trained by experts. You could also subscribe to what they call “The Journal” and access helpful materials on improving your game.

20. TopServe Tennis: The store describes itself as “Australia’s number one tennis specialist.” Its online store serves the international community with the company offering international shipping. It is a one-stop shop for everything about tennis considering that it stocks items ranging from racquets, shoes, coaching aids, balls, apparel, strings, grips, accessories, to socks.

In addition to the price, TopServe Tennis offers a detailed description that will be necessary for your decision-making. What is more, the store lists other options that you could consider for a particular item, thus, giving you options to choose from.

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