15 Online Hockey Stores

A set of various hockey equipment.

All forms of hockey can be a brutal, high-contact sport whether it be ice hockey, field hockey, or street hockey. Injuries happen per game and a broken tooth is a common thing. Aside from the health and wellness of players, team managers also have to monitor the equipment of each and every player to ensure victory, and this is not an easy thing.

The same with players’ bodies, hockey equipment also break down per game.

In an interview back in 2015, Blackhawks equipment manager Troy Parchman said that their team typically breaks at least two hockey sticks per game. Additionally, some of the players require a new stick for every game in order to deliver their optimum performance.

So, in order to combat this constant breakage of equipment, the convenience of online stores should be maximized. They can provide you with all the equipment needs you to require whether you’re in the game professionally or for a hobby. And the best part is, everything is just a click away.

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List of Online Hockey Stores


Walmart is a stellar option for those looking for hockey equipment. While it may seem a bit obvious, many people often overlook the usefulness of Walmart’s enormous range of products. Hockey is an extremely popular sport in the United States. This fact is even more relevant if you live in the northeast. As such, your local Walmart is more than likely brimming with tons of hockey equipment.

But this is a list breaking down online retailers – why would a local Walmart’s stock be relevant? In recent years, Walmart has expanded into online retail significantly. A side-effect of this effort is the retail giant making every single one of its locations into a warehouse.

In other words, you can view the stock of your local Walmart online and order any products that interest you from your home, same as any other online retailer. It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for any specific brands.

2.Hockey Giant

Hockey Giant delivers on its name with an immense selection of different products. This distinction is for a very good reason, as the outlet has a remarkable track record of customer satisfaction. It’s a prestige that can very likely be traced back to the exceptional deals the service offers.

When buying from Hockey Giant, there is almost certainly a coupon code or limited-time discount that can be applied to your order. This factor makes Hockey Giant a uniquely enticing option when it comes to online hockey stores.

The store is extremely flexible in terms of shipping costs, which can be great for those in international locations. Overall, Hockey Giant sets itself apart from the competition by positioning itself as the go-to retailer for savings and customer satisfaction. It’s highly recommended.

3.Ice Warehouse

Ice Warehouse has been one of the most popular options in the space for many years.

The retailer has a fantastic selection of different products.

4.Discount Hockey

When it comes to Online Hockey Stores, you would be hard-pressed to find a more enticing option than Discount Hockey. As its name suggests, the outlet specializes in delivering deals in all manner of hockey equipment. One of the best places to look if you’re working with a tight budget, Discount Hockey impresses in virtually every regard.

The outlet is relatively new, but that hasn’t stopped them from providing a service that can compete with even the strictest competition. They offer an excellent returns policy, a stellar selection, and their online staff is exceedingly knowledgeable. It’s a highly recommended storefront for hockey players of experience levels.

5.Hockey Supremacy

Hockey Supremacy will appeal to hardcore hockey fans. A storefront for enthusiasts that are run by enthusiasts, they offer a remarkable selection of specialty gear and hard-to-find products. If you’ve been struggling to find a particular brand or piece of hardware, you might hit paydirt with Hockey Supremacy. The outlet operates with customer satisfaction in mind and it more than delivers on that promise.

Hockey Supremacy has some enticing shipping deals as well. As is common for online retailers, they wave shipping fees once your order exceeds a current amount. More impressive are the lengths they use to ensure that your order reaches you safely.

The outlet uses a proprietary shipping method that goes a very long way in ensuring that gear reaches its destination in pristine condition. This feature is enormously beneficial when buying fragile or especially valuable pieces of hardware, and should be considered when making a final decision.

6.Hockey Monkey

Hockey Monkey is a relatively new entry on this list. Having just opened in 2017, the retailer has a lot to prove, especially when it’s up against such stiff competition. Obviously, it wouldn’t have made the list if it wasn’t a fantastic service, however. Hockey Monkey has a remarkably broad stock that is updated at an impressive rate. They also offer an extremely helpful email service that keeps you updated with all the newest hardware releases. In spite of its newness, Hockey Monkey more than makes the grade.

7.Perani’s Hockey World

This is another great choice for those looking to shop online. Perani’s Hockey World impresses with its vast assortment of discounts. The storefront offers first-time discounts for just about every product available. This deal even applies to newly released gear, a fact that can save you an impressive amount of money. The returns policy is less lenient than some other entries, however, so be certain of your purchase before you close the deal.

8.Great Skate

In spite of its name, Great Skates stock all manner of hockey gear. That said, it does deliver on its namesake by specializing in stocking a remarkable assortment of ice skates. The retailer has an impressive number of discounts and coupon codes available as well. The returns policy is lenient and customer-friendly as well. All in all, Great Skates is a potentially good fit for anyone looking for hockey gear online.

9.Pro Stock Hockey

Pro Stock Hockey keeps in an impressive assortment of the most popular and well-liked brands in stock all year long. This benefit means that the shop is always worth a look if you’re looking to find quality gear in a pinch. Likewise, if you find yourself shopping for gear when hockey season is at its most intense, then Pro Stock Hockey may end up being an especially fantastic option.

10.The Hockey Shop

The Hockey Shop is a more traditional option than some other options on this list. While it doesn’t sport any especially impressive deals or features, it more than makes up for this with its exceptional customer service. If your new to hockey gear and need some help with making an informed decision, then The Hockey Shop may be your best bet. Their staff does a wonderful job of assisting customers with difficult choices, which is a fantastic service for a retailer to provide regardless of their specialization.


Overstock specializes in reselling stock that other retailers couldn’t sell themselves. This business model doesn’t translate to Overstock’s inventory being undesirable. In reality, the opposite is true. The online retailer has garnered an impressive amount of glowing customer reviews over the years, and second-hand hockey equipment is one of the service’s most popular categories.

Their business model does mean you can expect to find some stellar deals on the site, however. This storefront will be a great option for any hockey players that put as much stake in a transaction’s long-term value as they do the product’s performance.

12.Hockey Plus

Hockey Plus is another excellent option for online shopping. The retailer has an excellent stock that is packed with a bevy of enticing options. In addition, they also boast an impressive returns policy. When viewed together, these benefits speak highly of the retailer’s usefulness in the scope of things.

The storefront will be an enticing option for those who want a wide selection of gear. While they don’t put much focus on specialty materials, what they do offer is quality. Likewise, those who value consumer confidence will also find a lot to like about the retailer.

13.The Hockey Shop

The Hockey Shop focuses mainly on wearable gear, like pads and helmets. While their stock isn’t as expansive as some others, this specialization does have some benefits. If you ever find yourself on the lookout for a specific brand’s newest model of helmet or pads, this outlet is likely to be on your list of places to look. Like many other entries, they also boast an exceptional returns policy.

In addition to what’s been listed above, the Hockey Shop also has some other benefits worth mentioning. The first among them is their excellent and knowledgeable customer service team. Another is their assortment of different coupons and deals for those shopping online. Both factors are worth your consideration when choosing an outlet.

14.Sports Excellence

Sports Excellence provides a service that delivers on the lofty promises of its name. The outlet has a wonderful selection of different products, with a wide range of general gear and more specialized options on offer. In terms of overall selection, Sports Excellence may be the best option on the entirety of the list.

For those shopping online, the outlet will wave all shipping fees on, especially costly orders. This benefit means that the retailer is especially appealing for frugal shoppers, or those working with a tight budget. The pricey nature of hockey gear means that you’re going to be enjoying the feature more often than you might expect, so keep it in mind when making a decision.

15. Amazon

Last but not least, there is always Amazon. Just as the online retail giant has a wide selection of everything under the sun, Amazon has you covered for hockey gear as well. While you may have more trouble finding specific brands and products because of the website’s often overwhelmingly large stock, it’s still worth your consideration.

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