Where to Buy Used Tennis Rackets Online

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Sometimes, you don’t want to shell out a whole lot of cash just to purchase a brand-new tennis racket. Plus, why would you? There are sounds of used tennis rackets available on the market that are just as quality as one that just came off the shelves.

To help you weed through the subpar retailers, we’ve listed twelve of the best places to buy used tennis rackets online.

These quality, easy-to-use websites make finding your ideal used tennis racket easier than ever before.

All you have to do is find your perfect price point, style, and brand, and you’ll have your ideal tennis racket shipped to you in no time.

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Tennis Warehouse

Tennis Warehouse is quite literally a virtual warehouse stocked full of all the tennis equipment you could ever need.

From used rackets to brand-new apparel, Tennis Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all high-quality tennis needs.

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket, 4 1/4" - Purple
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This site specializes in high-end brands like Prince, Wilson, Babolat, and more, so you can enjoy the luxuries of professional companies without paying their high-end prices.

Babolat Boost D Tennis Racquet (4 1/4" Grip)
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Their used rackets are graded on a scale going from Unused to Grades A-D. Unused rackets, obviously, have not been used, but they have undergone some cosmetic defects.

Grade A rackets have been used but are in excellent condition; Grade Bs are in great condition but show some minor wear and tear; Grade C rackets look good, but have various chips and scratches from wear; Grade D rackets are playable but have quite serious damage.

Depending on the racket’s history, Tennis Warehouse will give it the appropriate grade so you know just what you’re getting.

Sideline Swap

Sideline Swap is an easy-to-use website where athletes sell (and purchase) their used gear, apparel, and other accessories.

When it comes to tennis, they sell quality rackets for some of the lowest prices we’ve seen yet, and they all appear to be in great condition, too. Here, the seller can write detailed descriptions or put specifications to let buyers know just how used their racket is.

On Sideline Swap, you’re able to see a seller’s profile as well, so you know how reliable they are with shipping, response, and feedback from buyers on other items they’ve sold in the past.

This can help you avoid sellers who may not be as trustworthy as you’d like, though all of Sideline Swap’s sellers go through strict processes to ensure proper transactions.

On this site, you can find used tennis gear of all types, so no matter what you’re looking for–tennis racket or otherwise–they’re a great place to turn.

This is a close look at a hand holding a yellow tennis racket.

Tennis Racket Trader

Straightforward and easy to navigate, Tennis Racket Trader is an online store where you can purchase both new and used tennis equipment. They organize all of their products by brand, so you know right off the bat if they have what you want or if you must go elsewhere.

Their used tennis racket selection is vast, with brands ranging from professional to lesser-known and styles for new and old players.

Founded and ran by those who love tennis just as much as you do, Tennis Racket Trader ensures a satisfactory experience with a wide range of products. Here, there’s even the chance of you finding your favorite discontinued tennis racket, though slightly used, ready to be on the court again. What could be better than that?


For one of the best selections of used tennis rackets online, eBay is the place to go. E-Bay is an online retailer that everybody knows and loves.

Great for buying and selling pre-owned items at lower prices than anywhere else, this bidding-based site allows you the chance to buy at your own terms.

On E-Bay, you may come across a used tennis racket that you absolutely love, though it may be set at a price that you’re not comfortable with.

If this is the case, you can start the bid lower than what the seller is asking for and go from there. Or, you can do some searching for similar used rackets on the site that might be going for less money.

On E-Bay, it totally depends on finding listings at the right time from the right sellers– you’ll never know what kind of incredible deal you’ll get on your used racket.

Amazon Warehouse

If you’ve bought anything online recently, it’s probably been from Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, constantly being packed full of goods and services at lower prices than you’d find in-store.

When it comes to used tennis rackets, Amazon offers incredible options at low prices and quick shipping rates, so you hardly have to wait to start playing.

From women’s rackets to men’s to professionals and newbies, they have used (and new) tennis rackets for every player out there.

Simply search for your tennis racket criteria–no matter how specific it may be–and start scrolling to see what they have to offer.

For those with Amazon Prime, you may be able to get discounted shipping rates as well, making the whole transaction even less expensive than you may have anticipated.

All in all, Amazon makes for an impressive online selection of tennis rackets that we know has one that piques your interest.

A couple playing tennis on an outdoor tennis court.


If you’re looking to keep things local, OfferUp is a great way to do it. Both an app and a website, OfferUp allows you to buy and sell your things to locals in your area.

This makes the process much quicker than if you ordered from some far-away website, and prices are often marked down quite low as your neighbors are simply just trying to part with them.

OfferUp often has a wide selection of used tennis rackets of all brands. Of course, it depends on your area and whether or not anyone is currently making an offer, but it creates a good chance to stay connected.

Instead of going digging through your neighborhood’s yard sales to find your perfect used tennis racket, you can instead rely on OfferUp to help you see what’s for sale in the places right around you.


As their name suggests, TennisRacquets.com is a website wholly dedicated to helping you find your perfect tennis racket.

Stocked full of both new and used tennis rackets, this huge online retailer makes finding your ideal racket quick and easy.

You can customize your wishes by entering in what grip size, brand, color, price, head size, and length you’re hoping to have in your racket, and then the website will match you with all of the options they have.

Or, you can go right through their entire inventory of used tennis rackets until you find the one that works for you.

And, if you’re lucky enough to live in Michigan where TennisRaquets.com is based, you can find your favorite racket online and then pick it up from them, curbside, at no additional cost. (We should mention, they also offer free shipping on orders over $29, too.)


Again, sometimes buying local is the best way to go. Craigslist is technically a classified advertisements website where people can advertise for practically anything and everything.

Here, they have a huge assortment of used tennis rackets and other tennis equipment that people in your city are dying to get rid of.

Craigslist is nice in the sense that the prices aren’t always final. Often, even if someone lists a racket for one price, you can bargain with them to either lower it or offer something of yours for it, like a trade.

In fact, trades are often common on sites like Craigslist. Similar to OfferUp, you won’t have to travel far to pick up your item, either.

Listings are based on your area, so you won’t find anything too far from you unless you explicitly allow it to.


Tennis-Point is a large online retailer that focuses exclusively on selling tennis equipment and apparel. Their used tennis racket options aren’t as extensive as others, but the options that they do list tend to be higher quality than you’d find elsewhere.

Their brands are unique and not the everyday ones you’ll find at your typical sports store. Tennis-Point offers a variety you’ve had yet to experience.

Do keep in mind that this company is based in the UK, though they ship their items to the US within a week’s time. Because of this, you’re also getting exposed to European brands that may not always find themselves within the American market.

It’s always fun trying out a new brand, especially on your used racket, and Tennis-Point helps you do so. And, if you’re not satisfied for any reason with your used tennis racket, you can send it back within 30 days for a money-back guarantee.

A close look at a tennis racket and a ball.

Tennis Express

Tennis Express is one of the most extensive, impressive tennis retailers you’ll find. Their website is packed full of new and used tennis rackets, grips, bags, and even team gear. With orders over $50, they offer free two-day shipping, too! But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Tennis Express’s used tennis racket collection is a lengthy one, even giving you the option to choose a “power level” before shopping.

This means that they can help you find a tennis racket that’s either for beginnings, tweeners, or advanced players. With this, you’re able to find the perfect used tennis racket for you and your skill level.

Yonex VCore Pro 97 290g Lite Tennis Racquet-(VCP97LT)
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Even their used rackets are premium, being sold in high-end brands at low-end prices. Most of the rackets have been well-used, but they’ve still got more than enough life in them for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a used Wilson, Yonex, or Tecnifibre, Tennis Express has you covered.

TFlash Tecnifibre 270 CES Tennis Racquet (4-1/4)
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Do It Tennis

Do It Tennis is another one-stop-shop for high-quality tennis rackets but at affordable prices. With different used tennis rackets going up daily, this website offers an ever-changing selection of some of the best tennis rackets on the market.

This site offers high-end brands as well as more affordable options to appeal to every type of tennis player with every type of budget. While they offer an array of used rackets, they also offer brand-new rackets, too.

You can shop by racket type or brand depending on what’s most important, and Do It Tennis will make it easy to find the one that’s best for you. With free shipping on orders over $49.99, it’s hard to resist the convenience of an online store such as this one.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’d rather purchase your used tennis racket from someone you know you can trust, you can try turning to Facebook Marketplace.

Similar to OfferUp, this is a space on Facebook where you and those in your area can buy and sell goods and services of various types. Often, used sports equipment like tennis rackets are common on Facebook Marketplace, and they’re going to be going for low prices, too.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to pick up your item from the seller directly, so you don’t have to go far to grab your perfect used racket.

Plus, a seller’s history is clear so you know if this is a person you can rely on, or if you’d rather spend your time elsewhere. It truly makes the buying process a breeze.

Getting the Right Tennis Racket For You

At first glance, the high prices of tennis rackets may be enough to intimidate you out of playing. But, that’s exactly why used tennis racket retailers are there for you.

Every one of the shops we listed offer their used tennis rackets at discounted prices so that every person can enjoy their game as much as the next. While these rackets may come a bit well-loved, that doesn’t mean they don’t have more joy to give.

Touch up your used racket, get some new strings, and enjoy the beauty of utilizing a pre-owned tennis racket. (But, if you find that a used tennis racket just isn’t for you, we also have a list of some of the best online tennis shops, too.)

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