What is a Glider Soccer Ball?

A Telstar Top Glider World Cup 2018 soccer ball from adidas.

Glider ball is probably the most popular non-match soccer ball in the world, and with valid reasons. It offers one of the best price-to-performance ratios in the business.

But what exactly makes this ball great? How did it become so popular in soccer?

The most obvious answer is, of course, the price. But don’t let the ‘cheap’ pricing fool you, though. Even if it’s considered a ‘basic’ soccer ball, it is still one of the most durable soccer balls out there.

Who Makes Glider Balls?

Glider is just the name of the adidas ball model. It comes in 5 different styles, but the pattern and durability remain closely similar across all variants.

The reason for its popularity is its unmatched durability-to-price ratio. Sure, you can find more durable soccer balls than this, but at this price point, it’s hard to beat, maybe even unbeatable.

Glider balls are so tough they can be played even on rough surfaces such as concrete and rough soil. It’s not recommended, but hey, it can handle it just fine.

What Makes a Glider Ball Good?

I feel like I’ve said most of the good things about this ball. However, it bears repeating.

Because of their durability, Glider soccer balls retain their shape very well. This is an important characteristic since the ball tends to get kicked a lot—it’s for soccer, what did you expect?

A soccer player kicking a Glider ball on the field.

What’s surprising is that the outer layer is softer than what you would expect. It’s reminiscent of match-quality soccer balls. You won’t see this often on a sub-$30 ball. Having a ball that has the same consistency as a match-quality ball is important if you really want to improve your skills.

Who’s it for and How Do You Use It?

If you don’t want to spend that much money on soccer balls, Glider soccer balls should definitely be on your radar.

It’s super cheap. You can get 2 or more Glider series balls for the price of a match-quality soccer ball.

The price of a match-quality soccer ball can go up to $90 or more.

Glider Soccer Ball Recommendation

Choosing an adidas Glider ball is not going to be hard. Whatever model you may choose, I can guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase.

adidas Glider 2 Soccer Ball

adidas Glider 2 Soccer Ball (White/Red/Black, 4)

You can never go wrong with this Glider soccer ball model. It has everything that you will need for a soccer ball—durable, great on grass, good bounce, and solid price.

No wonder this model is one of the most popular Glider models in the market.

adidas Tango Glider Soccer Ball

adidas Tango Glider Soccer Ball White/Black/Glider 5

This would be another solid buy from the Glider series. I personally know a player who owns 5 of these. They’re just that good.

It has a butyl bladder for air retention and a machine-stitched construction for high durability.

adidas Finale Glider Soccer Ball

adidas Finale Top Replique Soccer Ball Multicolor/Active Red/Scarlet/Solar Red Bottom: Bright Orange/Solar Gold/Black, 3

If ball durability is your main criteria when choosing a ball, then this finale Glider ball will suit you best.

This ball has a great bounce and solid feel. If you want a ball that closely resembles a match-quality soccer ball without the hit on your wallet, this is the popular choice. 

adidas Performance Glider II Soccer Ball

adidas Performance Glider II Soccer Ball, Core Black/Solar Red, Size 5

Don’t let the colorful design fool you into thinking this ball is not durable. It’s one of the toughest soccer balls in the Glider series.

If you want to practice your driving, this performance model is hard to beat. 

adidas Messi Glider Soccer Ball

adidas Messi Glider Soccer Ball Football Blue/Active Red/Silver Metallic, 3

This is probably my favorite in the Glider series, and it’s not because of the “Messi” name. I mean, the attached Messi name probably plays a part, but it’s a really good ball, regardless.

It is machine-stitched, 100% TPU surface, with butyl bladder. If you want a ball that will last for years, a Messi Glider soccer ball is your best bet.

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