13 of the Best Online Windsurfing Stores

A windsurfer wearing the necessary windsurfing protective gear, riding the rough waves with his yellow sailboard.

Windsurfing is a sea sport that uses the wind and the ocean’s power, including which takes place in many gorgeous beach locations throughout the globe. Windsurfing is a recreation where you use the wind to support your balance while you maneuver on the water.

It is often agreed that windsurfing originated in 1948 and that it is developed by combining surfing and sailing. Windsurfing is a sport that is enjoyable to learn, and with practice, anybody can enjoy it. With training, you will be able to master a variety of movements and skills, including water starts, jumps, jibes, tacks, and 360s.

Is there anything else you will need to windsurf? A windsurfing board, sail, mast, and boom come together to make up the windsurfing equipment. There are small and big boards and sails and various kinds of sailing for windy circumstances, with varying degrees of expertise. 

I have collected a list of the top windsurfing online stores to get to know more about them.

13 Best Online Windsurfing Stores

1. Windsurfmarket

A screenshot of the Windsurfmarket online store homepage.

Windsurfmarket is an online windsurfing shop where you can get everything you need for windsurfing, including boards, rigs, masts, booms, equipment bags, and other related items.

2. Boardsports California

A screenshot of the Boardsports California online store homepage.

Since 2002, the Boardsports California team has provided windsurfing, windsurf training, rentals, and retail sales to customers. They only teach at two of the finest beach sites in the Bay Area, and they guarantee you the best lesson and equipment purchasing experience in the area.

3. Isthmus Sailboards

A screenshot of the Isthmus Sailboards online store homepage.

It has lasted more than 35 years since Isthmus Sailboards first entered the windsurfing and water sports industry. They’re based just outside of Madison and export their products all around the globe. In addition to offering the finest windsurfing equipment available, they are dedicated to delivering the best buyer service and the most competitive pricing in the business.

4. MauiSails Hawaii

A screenshot of the MauiSails Hawaii online store homepage.

MauiSails is a Hawaiian-based development company and online windsurf store specializing in the production of highly technological windsurfing sails, masts, booms, and other equipment for the sport of windsurfing. In the realm of high-performance windsurfing, the name MauiSails has become associated with designs for world-speed records and for supplying designs and prototypes for more than a decade of dominance at the PBA/PWA World Championships.

5. Eurofuncenter

A screenshot of the Eurofuncenter online store homepage.

Eurofuncenter is an excellent choice for windsurfers to search for new equipment since they are sure to get everything they need. With the world’s biggest selection of windsurf boards, sails, masts, and booms, you’ll always find the gear you need as a windsurfer. Furthermore, they contain everything necessary for windsurfing: extension masts and trapezes.

Do you have a windsurf board looking for any occasion? For those on a budget, check out their second-hand surfboards.

6. Wind Spirit

A screenshot of the Wind Spirit online store homepage.

Since its inception in North America 25 years ago, WindSpirit has been a leading provider of windsurfing lessons. It carries the finest in windsurfing equipment, including boards, sails, masts, booms, extensions, harnesses, as well as used and closeout goods from Ezzy, Starboard, Severne, Neilpryde, JP Australia, Chinook, DaKine, True Ames, Makani, and Tectonic, among other brands.

7. Big Winds

A screenshot of the Big Winds online store homepage.

Founded in 1987 in Hood River, Oregon, Big Winds is one of the biggest windsurfing stores in the world. It is established in the Columbia River Gorge. In addition to having a large rental/demo fleet for all skill levels, they also have one of the finest windsurfing schools in the Pacific Northwest, with instruction programs that include kids camps, junior camps, and individual and group classes for men and women of all ages.

8. Mistral Windsurf

A screenshot of the Mistral Windsurf online store homepage.

Mistral provides freeride windsurfing boards, SUP windsurfing boards, and windsurfing gear of the highest quality and performance. Besides windsurfing harnesses, Mistral also provides Mistral Freeride board fins, Mistral booms, and Mistral masts for your windsurfing equipment.

9. The-House.com

A screenshot of the The-House.com online store homepage.

The-House has a solid commitment to providing equipment for everyone, from weekend windsurfers to professionals. This store has existed in the market for over 30 years, and it is known for offering the finest windsurfing equipment and accessories available anywhere globally.

10. Liquid Surf and Sail

 A screenshot of the Liquid Surf and Sail online store homepage.

Liquid Surf and Sail, which opened its doors in November 2004, has rapidly established itself as the top water-sports destination in the area. In addition to its Fort Walton Beach site, Liquid Surf and Sail also has facilities in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Whether it’s windsurfing on a brisk afternoon sea breeze or participating in any other water-related activities, they aim to offer the necessary equipment for anybody who wants to explore and take advantage of one of the country’s most stunning beaches.

11. Surfstore

A screenshot of the Surfstore online store homepage.

Surfstore is the one-stop shop for all of your windsurfing needs with over thirty-three years of background in the watersports industry. Equipment from all major brands, training, demonstration equipment, and many other items are available for purchase from this company’s extensive stock.

12. Surfnow

A screenshot of the Surfnow online store homepage.

Surfnow had its beginnings as an online retailer of surf clothing and windsurfing equipment. When it came to expanding their skylines, they concentrated on producing high-quality goods that professional riders could rely on, from wetsuits all the way down to the tiniest piece of equipment or accessory for windsurfing.

13. North Beach Windsurfing

A screenshot of the North Beach Windsurfing online store homepage.

Since 1999, North Beach Windsurfing has been giving St. Pete Beach, Florida a unique opportunity to experience the excitement of windsurfing. North Beach Windsurfing has found a home for a complete range of windsurfing clothing and equipment, with space for more merchandise to be sold or rented.

They also have instructors who offer windsurfing courses to coach students of varying ability levels, whether beginners, novices, and pros.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is windsurfing done?

Windsurfing is simply the art of managing the wind while maintaining your balance on the sea. A windsurfing board is typically 2 to 2.5 meters in length, with a sail called a rig attached to it that can be moved in any direction at any time. The size of the sail varies based on the windsurfing location and the level of expertise of the windsurfer.

2. Is Windsurfing good exercise?

Lifting the sail out of the water on a regular basis when learning to windsurf may be the most intense exercise you can get while doing this activity. Once you learn how to windsurf, it isn’t nearly as strenuous activity. However, it may aid in the improvement of balance.

3. Where is windsurfing most popular?

Here are the top 11 places where windsurfing is popular:

  • Maui, Hawaii
  • Jericoacoara, Brazil
  • Lake Garda, Italy
  • Dakhla, Morocco
  • Bonaire, Caribbean
  • Alacati, Turkey
  • Mauritius
  • Vassiliki, Lefkada, Greece
  • Cabarete, Dominican Republic
  • Fuertaventura, Canary Islands
  • Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece

4. What is the best windsurfing board?

Here are some of the best windsurfing boards available in the market:

  • Best Overall: Z-Ray Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board
  • Best Budget: BIC Sport Ace-Tec Techno Windsurfing Board
  • Best for Beginners: 2020 Kona One Windsurfing Board
  • Best for Intermediate: BIC Sport Techno 293 DTT One Design Windsurfing Board
  • Best for Light Wind: Aqua Marina Bt-S300 Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board

5. Are inflatable windsurf boards any good?

This is the situation in which the benefits of an inflatable board are most advantageous. Because of their exceptional endurance and stability, they are excellent boards for new to windsurfing people. Furthermore, removing the center fin may expedite the learning process by allowing learners to have their first planning experiences sooner.

Footstraps may also be added to specific versions, depending on the design.

A windsurfer wearing the necessary windsurfing apparel, calmly riding the waves with his yellow sailboard.

We now have the ability to explore and make purchases without having to physically visit a store, thanks to our smartphones. It is quite simple to search for the items you are searching for by browsing through the list of online windsurfing shops that I have created just to assist you in your journey.

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