9 of the Best Online Rugby Stores

Rugby players from opposing teams focused on the ball, all wearing the required rugby apparel.

Rugby attracts one of the most loyal fanbases in the world. Even if it’s not as popular in the US like many other sports, it still manages to sell some gears and accessories at a respectable rate. 

However, it’s not that easy to find a good rugby store in the States. Well, it’s a good thing there are plenty of online rugby stores you can buy from instead.

Most of these stores are in Europe, so expect international shipping fees to apply. It’s a small price to pay to get the widest rugby items available.

Here are the best rugby online shops you can buy from.

1. World Rugby Shop

A screenshot of the World Rugby Shop online store homepage.

World Rugby Shop is one of the best rugby stores in the US. No wonder it’s the official partner of USA Rugby. It offers one of the most expansive collections of rugby items on the market. 

Considering that rugby is not that popular in the US, it’s impressive how they managed to get all their items into their shop.

Their website provides tracking and shipping information for their clients, too. They offer free shipping in the US for items over $150. That’s actually a bit higher than what most stores would offer, but that comes with rugby items being rare in the US.

They also offer international shipping, which includes P.O. boxes and military addresses.  

2. Rugby Imports

A screenshot of the Rugby Imports online store homepage.

Rugby Imports is an all-American rugby gear and apparel shop.

What makes Rugby Imports such a cool store is it offers rugby apparel that is unmistakably American.

We all know that rugby is more popular in places in Europe and New Zealand, so seeing rugby gear here is such a sight. It’s quickly gaining popularity, though.

If you are looking to get your own rugby items, Rugby Imports is one of the first websites you should visit.

3. Pro Direct Rugby

A screenshot of the Pro Direct Rugby online store homepage.

Pro Direct Rugby offers one of the most complete rugby stores in the world. It has everything that you may need for the sport of rugby.

What I like most here is they offer different brands. Your choice is not limited to some brands they’ve partnered with. They offer every brand that’s good, and that’s great for consumers.

Another thing I love is their sales page. They usually offer discounts and clearance sales to clear their inventory. Those are the best times to shop

4. Rugby Store

A screenshot of the Rugby Store online store homepage.

Rugby Store has the most straightforward company name out of everyone on this list.

Their tagline reads, “Everything rugby” and I’m inclined to agree. Rugby Store has every rugby item, from casual to professional wear. They even offer rugby ‘injury management items’ such as adhesive bandages, first aid kids, hot patches, and much more.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your rugby needs, Rugby Store is one of the first stops I would recommend.

Now, the only issue here is the shipping fee, which can be a bit costly. Since Rugby Store is a UK company, your order would count as imports and is subject to an international shipping fee. The international shipping fee depends on the carrier, but it’s considerably pricier than if you buy from inside the US.

5. Lovell Rugby

A screenshot of the Lovell Rugby online store homepage.

Lovell Rugby is yet another complete Rugby Store. They offer such a great selection of items, especially their shoes. Most of their shoes come from well-known brands such as adidas. What separates this company is you usually can’t find their shoe offerings elsewhere.

What I like most here is their customization option for select items. If you want to personalize something, you can do that by editing some options before you checkout.

The only real downside to ordering on this website is they don’t ship to the US directly. You will need to use third-party services to get your items to the US. They offer shipping to most of Europe, though.

6. Canterbury

A screenshot of the Canterbury online store homepage.

Canterbury offers the most aesthetic and intuitive website on this list.

But apart from that, what sets Canterbury apart is they have some of the cheapest yet quality-made rugby gear out there. To give you an idea, their rugby shoes fetch for around $80, whereas the same shoe offered at adidas would cost $210 or more.

If you want to get your full rugby gear on without breaking the bank, Canterbury should very well be your first option.

Canterbury ships to the US using standard shipping, so expect international shipping fees when you order.

7. The Rugby Shop

A screenshot of the The Rugby Shop online store homepage.

The Rugby Shop offers a collection of rugby items from different brands. It’s an all-around rugby store that aims to be your one-stop-shop for all things rugby, and they have succeeded.

They carry most of the popular rugby brands, so expect to see a huge range of items here. This is very different from stores that have partnerships with brands.

The thing that impressed me the most is their ‘Custom Kit’ option. This gives you the option to create your own uniform. If you fancy some personalized rugby apparel, The Rugby Shop should be your number one option.

The Rugby Shop offers international shipping.

8. Rugby Heaven

A screenshot of the Rugby Heaven online store homepage.

If you are looking for your favorite team’s uniform, Rugby Heaven is the store you should be visiting.

Rugby Heaven offers all sorts of uniforms of your favorite team. They even cater to leagues outside the UK, which is nice if you follow a different league.

Don’t let their focus on uniforms fool you, though. Rugby Heaven is home to one of the biggest collections of rugby accessories, too. From head torches to body armor, they have got you covered.

Rugby Heaven also offers international shipping.

9. England Rugby Store

A screenshot of the England Rugby Store online store homepage.

England Rugby Store is one of the stores that offer the most extensive select boots. They offer rugby shoes from different brands, which is something not a lot of websites do.

They also have the best categorization of items, which makes shopping super easy. They have a ‘Nutrition,’ category which I found really neat.

Another thing I like is their ‘Personalize’ option embedded on the item page itself. Just input the name and the number you want, and you’re good to go.

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