15 of Best Online Curling Stores

A group of curling stones on ice showing the target circle.

If you are familiar with curling as a sport, you should know that it is one of the fun on-ice sports that garners a lot of attention worldwide. If you have ever played darts, well, imagine curling as a dart game on ice. But there are instances where you can play curling outside the rink.

Much like any other sport, curling sport requires you to have specific equipment especially made for curling to enjoy and play the game entirely. If you are one of the many curling enthusiasts, players, and fans, browse through the following online stores to see which equipment you need to add to your set. 

1. The Curling Store

A screenshot of the The Curling Store online store homepage.

Started around 2005, The Curling Store has grown to serve more curling enthusiasts all over the country. A team of four curling enthusiasts now manages the online store and strives to provide quality products to amateur and pro players. You can shop on their website for curling equipment you may need for a new and better experience.

2. Dakota Curling Supplies

A screenshot of the Dakota Curling Supplies online store homepage.

Dakota Curling Supplies has been in business for over 30 years when Darcy and Paul Ellarby purchased the store in 2018. Their website offers different curling products for players and curling clubs. They even provide services such as ice scrapers and blade sharpening. If you’re looking to open a new curling club, Dakota Curling Supplies offers New Club Starter Packages. You can also look for a curling club on their website through their club locator. 

3. Steve’s Curling Supplies

A screenshot of the Steve’s Curling Supplies online store homepage.

Founded in the late ’70s, Steve’s Curling Supplies provides quality service and products to help you enjoy and achieve more in the sport. You can check out their website if you’re looking for some curling equipment as they offer footwear, clothing, brushes, and other curling accessories. 

4. Asham Curling Supplies

A screenshot of the Asham Curling Supplies online store homepage.

Arnold Asham, the person behind Asham Curling Supplies, has a great passion for curling. This passion led him to start selling curling equipment in the ’80s. Today, Arnold has made a name for himself in the curling business. Asham has its own line of products known to be of good quality. Asham strives to make curling fun and enjoyable sport for everyone.

5. Goldline Curling

A screenshot of the Goldline Curling online store homepage.

Ed Flowers founded Goldline Curling in 1967, and the company has been transformed through generations of their family ever since. The current owners of Goldline Curling have the same passion for the sport as Ed did, and they strive to offer better and quality curling equipment as time passes. You can shop for different footwear, brooms, apparel, and accessories you want on their website. 

5. IceCur

A screenshot of the IceCur online store homepage.

Curling is a game played on ice, much like hockey. Hence, the name IceCur. Initially only offering men’s and women’s curling shoes, the company has grown to supply all curling products you need for the sport. With their innovative team, IceCur takes pride in their anti-skid technology, Antex, when worn with your curling shoes. 

7. Brooms Up Curling Supplies

A screenshot of the Brooms Up Curling Supplies online store homepage.

Being a woman-owned American company, Brooms Up Curling Supplies strives to provide all curlers, amateurs and professionals, the equipment they need to help them enjoy and excel at the sport. Carrying many of your favorite brands and nearly all Canadian curling manufacturers, Brooms Up Curling Supplies offers all equipment you need to curl. 

8. Atkins Curling Supplies

A screenshot of the Atkins Curling Supplies online store homepage.

Founded around 1996, Atkins Curling Supplies has grown to become a larger curling supply store for over two decades. With the pandemic on the rise today, the company closed its retail store for walk-ins and only caters to customers via appointments.

But their online store continues to serve curlers nationwide. The company carries major curling brands like Asham, Goldline, Tournament Sports, Balance Plus, Olson Curling, and Hardline Curling. 

9. Floor Curl

A screenshot of the Floor Curl online store homepage.

With curling being a fast-growing Olympic sport, Floor Curl aims to let everyone enjoy the sport off-ice as well. They want kids, seniors, and persons with disabilities to enjoy the sport in a gym. They offer iceless curling equipment, a target mat, and stones on bearing to make the sport accessible to everyone. 

10. Rock On Curling Supplies

A screenshot of the Rock On Curling Supplies online store homepage.

Rock On Curling Supplies is in its twenty-first year in selling equipment for curling enthusiasts. The company offers brushes, shoes, sliders, gloves, curling clothes, and accessories you will need to play the sport.

11. Balance Plus

A screenshot of the Balance Plus online store homepage.

Balance Plus provides one of the best curling equipment since 1995. You can shop on their website for products with customized designs approved by the World Curling Federation (WCF). Balance Plus offers LiteSpeed brushes, pants, gloves, and curling shoes to enhance your curling experience.

12. Kevin Martin Curling

A screenshot of the Kevin Martin Curling online store homepage.

If you are looking for one-stop-shop with curling supplies, Kevin Martin Curling should be one of the stores you need to browse through. The company offers curling equipment like brushes/brooms, pants, shirts/jackets, sticks, gloves, bags, and other curling novelty items you need. Plus, if you need to shop for things you need in the ice rink, Kevin Martin Curling has got you covered. 

13. GrassRoots Curling

A screenshot of the GrassRoots Curling online store homepage.

GrassRoots Curling shares the passion they have for the sport with competitors and enthusiasts. They hope to help improve the quality of the sport through superior products so that everyone will enjoy and grow to love it. You can shop for curling brooms, bags, shoes, apparel, and other accessories you need to play the sport on their website. 

14. Olson Curling

A screenshot of the Olson Curling online store homepage.

Since its founding in 1933, Olson Curling has experienced significant changes in its products and services. For seven decades, the company continues to commit to recreational curlers who share the same passion for the sport as they do. You can shop on their website for your curling shoes, brushes, grippers, clothes, pads, and other accessories. 

15. Kays Curling

A screenshot of the Kays Curling online store homepage.

Founded in 1851, Kays Curling possesses the rights to harvest granite from Alisa Craig, which they use in manufacturing their curling stone. Although this shop only sells curling stones, they are proven to be of good quality as they continue to manufacture and export their unique curling stone to primary rinks all over the world. 

If you are still learning how to curl or if you’re already a pro, looking through these lists of stores will help you find the equipment you need to enjoy the sport. Take shopping for curling equipment one store at a time.

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