17 of the Best Online American Football Stores

An American football player wearing a purple jersey and black helmet, while holding a football on his left shoulder.

One of the most globally-awaited sports events is the annual football championship game or what everyone knows as the Super Bowl. If you have never heard of the Super Bowl, maybe it’s time you check out Google.

Big teams, big stars, and a big crowd come together to witness one of the greatest sports ever played: American football. And we know that sometimes, shopping for football stuff online as a fan or player is a lot more convenient for you. 

Here are some of the best online American football stores you can purchase from that you surely won’t regret.

17 of Best Online American Football Stores 

1. Football America

A screenshot of the Football America online store homepage.

Football America is part of the Team Express Family of Brands, which was founded in 1990. The company aims to give you quality service and products at reasonable prices. Football America offers a wide range of American football equipment such as footwear, apparel, protective gear, field gear, cheerleading apparel, and other accessories you need for the sport. 

2. Sports Unlimited

A screenshot of the Sports Unlimited online store homepage.

Don Ball and David Neff founded Sports Unlimited in 1983 with their first opened brick-and-mortar shop. In 2008, the duo decided to operate solely through online platforms. After years of development, the company prides itself on becoming one of the best online shops for American football equipment and other sports. 

You can shop for all your football needs from your helmet, football jersey, pants, gloves, socks, cleats, and other accessories in the easiest way possible.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

A screenshot of the American football equipment section of the Dick's Sporting Goods online store.

In 1948, Dick Stack quit his job at an Army surplus store and opened his own bait-and-tackle shop. He expanded to become Dick’s Sporting Goods in the late ’70s. Through generations, the store continues to offer high-quality sports apparel, equipment, and accessories. Dick’s Sporting Goods provides you with different options as a football player and fan. 

You can find all apparel and gear you need to wear to play the game on their website. They also offer protective equipment (such as mouthguards, helmets, and more) and football training, as well as field equipment. 

4. Academy

A screenshot of the Academy online store homepage.

Academy was a family business founded in 1938 in Texas. It has grown to become one of the leading full-line sporting goods retailers in the United States through the years. Aside from the American football sport, the company also offers equipment for different sports like soccer, gymnastics, tennis, boxing and mixed martial arts, and a lot more. 

If you’re looking for different quality of football brands, you can shop on their website for various choices. You can browse through a multitude of apparel, gear, and equipment you need for the sport.

5. NFL Shop

A screenshot of the NFL Shop online store homepage.

The NFL was formerly American Professional Football Association in 1920 until it was renamed to NFL in the 1922 season. But the first NFL Shop opened in 2012 and marketed American football equipment, gear, and apparel online. If you are one of the biggest NFL fans, you can shop by your favorite football team. 

The company even offers collectibles and other fan-related items. 

6. Bayer Team Sports

 A screenshot of the Bayer Team Sports online store homepage.

Bayer Team Sports has been in operation as a family-owned, online sporting goods since 2009. Based in the Czech Republic, the company also caters to international shipping. You can shop for all your football gear and equipment on their website. They even offer flag football equipment, football training equipment, and field equipment you may want and need. 

7. Fanatics

A screenshot of the Fanatics online store homepage.

As one of the leading sports merchandise worldwide, Fanatics strives to change how sports fans purchase their favorite sports team’s apparel and jerseys. You can shop for your favorite team’s clothing on the Fanatics website—be it the NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MLB, or other sports and gaming you are a fan of. 

8. Sports Depot

A screenshot of the Sports Depot online store homepage.

Founded in 1995, Sports Depot brought its business online five years into business, carrying a wide range of sporting goods equipment and apparel. One of the leading gear suppliers worldwide, the company sells everything you need to play football with a broad range of choices and brands. 

9. Eastbay

A screenshot of American football shoes sold on the Eastbay online store.

Eastbay started in 1980 with a mission to bring quality running shoes directly to athletes. The company offers different brands of cleats, pads, gloves, helmets, and compression that will help you become a better player in action and training. 

10. College Football Store

A screenshot of the College Football Store online store homepage.

Much like other team football stores, College Football Store allows you to browse through your team’s signature products. If you’re looking for your favorite team’s sweatshirt, jersey, hat, polo, tee, and other collectibles, this shop is the website to visit. 

11. Riddell

A screenshot of the Riddell online store homepage.

For over 90 years, Riddell has been one of the leading providers of football head protection, with the company pushing through boundaries to enhance the game and the athletes’ experience. They offer top-of-the-line helmets, shoulder pads, padded tops and bottoms, and other football accessories. You can also shop for your favorite NFL or college team’s collectibles through their website. 

12. Forelle

A screenshot of the Forelle online store homepage.

A family-owned company dedicating its business to team sports for over 70 years, Forelle has grown to partner with big brands in the US. They offer equipment for different team sports like football, softball, and baseball. On their website, you can shop for a broad range of products from other brands. 

13. Nike

A screenshot of the American football section of the Nike online store.

One of the biggest athletic brands was founded in 1964. Nike is known to produce high-quality athletic products that many players and fans just love. The company sells products and equipment for different sports like football, basketball, soccer, running, etc. 

You can shop for football shoes, clothing, gear, and other featured items related to the sport, such as NFL jerseys and college fan gear. 

14. Xenith

A screenshot of the Xenith online store homepage.

A former Harvard quarterback who sustained several injuries to the head during his overall football career founded Xenith in 2006. With the idea that the sport needed better helmets for the game, in 2009, he launched his first helmet, which many amateur and pro athletes wore. 

Today, Xenith has grown to market not only helmets but also football apparel and other protective gear. 

15. SV Sports

A screenshot of American football items sold on the SV Sports online store.

SV Sports is a sporting goods retailer and team athletic dealer founded in 1971. They offer products for different sports with a broad range of choices and brands you can choose from. You can shop for your football gloves, cleats, mouthguard, and other protective gear on their website. 

16. ASA Football 

A screenshot of the ASA Football online store homepage.

Since its founding in 1985, ASA Football has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of youth football equipment and uniforms. You can purchase jerseys, pants, socks, and protective gear on their website. 

17. adidas

A screenshot of the American football section of the adidas online store.

Founded in 1949, adidas has since become one of the largest and most popular sports brands worldwide. With many players wearing the brand, fans and football enthusiasts follow. Adidas sells cleats, gloves, jerseys, and balls. 

An American football player wearing a black jersey and matching helmet, while holding a football in both hands and his eyes on the goal.

Whether you’re a big fan of the National Football League (NFL), you play college football, or you just enjoy playing the sport, you are bound to buy equipment, gear, and even collectibles related to football. Better know where to look than just going through the process blindly.

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