9 Most Expensive Paintball Guns and Markers

A paintball team in action.

Paintball is one of the best outdoor sports because of the sheer excitement it brings. The gun, called a marker back then, was invented by the Nelson Paint Company in the 1960s to help loggers and cattle herders “mark” their produce. It became a game after a discussion between friends, literally after a few beers.

Since then, it has evolved to take the world by storm. It evolved into a full-blown sport enjoyed by many. Paintball marker manufacturers made their products more accurate and shot more for more extended amounts of time. They have also used different materials to make the markers more reliable, durable, and perform well every time.

9. Dye M2 MOSAir

The Dye M2 Mosair Paintball gun from Dye.

Source: Dye

Dye has been manufacturing paintball guns and equipment for over 12 years. They have been the forerunner for innovation and providing industry-standard products. This M2 marker is based on the famous D2 series and re-engineered to meet today’s high standards.

The most noticeable difference between this and its predecessor is the gun’s natural-looking contours.

Dye also introduced their Method Operating System (MOS) in this paintball gun and the Prism Interface. This is Dye’s software that helps look into the inner workings of the gun. It has a full-OLED screen that shows in detail the gun’s status.

You can monitor the internal pressure, service system, and even set and check the player profile for this gun.

8. Dye Assault Matrix DAM

Shop Assault Matrix in Black/Tan Dessert Fade from DYE.

Source: Dye

This paintball gun was built from the ground up and it targets more tactical players. The design and the utility of the Dye Assault Matrix DAM is a marker that’s set to provide performance and aesthetics to make games even more exciting.

What distinguishes this from other paintball guns is that they can switch from a magazine-fed system to a loader-fed system with a flip of a switch. It allows better strategy and enjoyment when using it. You can also change the firing modes from the semi-automatic, three-round burst, or full-automatic.

It comes standard with Picatinny rails, a gas-through frame, a bolt with a quick-release system, and a hyper regulator. This is an excellent marker that will perform well in various situations.

7. Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 PRO – Core

A Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 Pro paintball gun from Action Village.

Source: ActionVillage

This is a marker developed in collaboration with professional players. The streamlined contours are meant to help players in quick-turnabout points. The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 PRO will provide more control for the player with the three Shaft FL bore sections.

It has excellent balance thanks to the Aluminium Tip and an adjustable Blade and Scythe trigger shoes. It comes equipped with Gamma Core, which is the standard for high-end markers. The firing chamber is also enlarged, and every component of the core is utilized to deliver outstanding performance.

Since it uses a very low psi to shoot, it can handle even the softest paint possible allowing for extra versatility whenever you use this in the field.

As an electronic marker, this is a game-changer. All the sensors, batteries, and solenoids are mounted on the frame. You don’t need to worry about any contact or terminals attached to the body, making it one of the most reliable markers in the market today.

Additionally, you can finetune the trigger according to your preference with a turn of a single screw. With magnetic and spring return, adjusting it further makes it even simpler.

6. Dye M3+

The Dye M3 Desert Storm PGA from Dye.

Source: Dye

The Dye M3+ is a performance-based paintball marker. It combined the favorite features of the DM series platform and added the latest technology. It provides players with an upgrade to their game.

This has the DYE Slide Lock AirPort ASA, an updated FL-21 Bolt System with the new Flex Face Bolt Tip, refined 4th Gen Eye Pipe System, and so much more. These features add to the overall dependability and performance of the paintball gun. It can operate in even extreme conditions without compromising consistency.

With the new Slide Lock AirPort System, you can be sure to have even pressure and performance in the long term.

The ergonomics of the M3+ focus on comfort and control. With the dual density Sticky Grips and Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, operating this marker is easy so that you can focus on winning the game.

5. Field One Force – Supreme

The Field One Force paintball marker is made from professional-grade materials which aim to please even the pickiest player. It can perform in various conditions, and the maintenance is meant to be as simple as it can be. One of the things that make it great is the low demand for power.

You can power this marker with AA batteries or with the optional lithium-polymer battery, or use both so that you have backup power.

It is equipped with the Force Nucleus, which provides excellent performance and efficiency without needing a lot from your end. It will just keep on running as long as you need it to. It also has GripShift technology which helps customize the fit of the marker to any size of a hand which aids in adding control and stability to the player.

Other features include LeverLock feedback and Cam Drive ASA, which help with setting up the marker. It also has the Acculock Barrel System, which provides better accuracy and adaptability in various scenarios.

4. DLX Luxe X

A DLX Luxe X paintball gun from HK Army.

Source: HK Army

If you want a little finesse to your paintball gun, the HK Army Luxe X is the answer. This paintball gun took inspiration from the classic Luxe Ice and added extra features that make this even more extraordinary.

They equipped this marker with the X-Cire Bolt System, which makes it more efficient and the shooting much smoother. With the Freak XL Barrel System, you can experience higher accuracy for every shot.

DLX also took into consideration the feedback they received from their clients, which is why they created the Pro-Lock Frame system. It allows the player to remove the grip frame even without any tools. This convenient feature is a leap in the design of the trigger frame design.

Speaking of the trigger system, this comes equipped with the EZ-Axis. It helps keep the adjustment and removal of the trigger straightforward and resistant to any contamination of dirt or debris. It comes with the Opti-Breach Chamber System.

It has a low-angle lever detent that reduces the pressure on the ball and prolongs the life of the barrel. It is also designed with the Max-Flo regulator, which helps provide maximum flow and durability.

3. RAP T68 M60 Paintball Machine Gun

Real Action Paintball produced the T68 M60 paintball to elevate the game. It can add a whole new level of excitement to any simulation, and it can even spell the difference between defeat and victory when put into play.

The T68 M60 accepts 250-round box magazines. These hold the paintballs and constantly feed them into the marker for a consistent firing rate. It can spew out 400 rounds per minute cyclic rate. Aside from the looks, it also emulates the performance of a real-world M60.

2. RAP4 T68 M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Machine Gun

A RAP4 T68 M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Machine Gun from Paintball Gun Splatter.

Source: Paintball Gun Splatter

The M249 is a lightweight alternative to the T68 M60. It has a .68 caliber system and takes a 250-round magazine with the Nautilus Drive. Aside from the volume of paintballs, it can fire, it is also reliable in terms of accuracy and fire rate. You can choose from semi-automatic, fully automatic, or 3-round burst at a rate of 420 rounds per minute.

This gun was designed to help not just improve the overall experience of the game but as a tool for realistic military and tactical combat training.

1. RAP4 T68 Avenger

The RAP4 T68n Avenger is the game-changer. It has the most powerful firepower available today. It comes with two grenade launchers, a sniper scope, and a red dot scope to make sure that you hit where you aim. It can unload more than 400 shots a minute which is plenty enough to take down the opposing team.

Other features include tactical flashlights, rifle scopes, bipod, trail ring mount, exactor laser sight, M68 grenade shells, grenade charger with a regulator, 20 T68 magazines, and a 5-year warranty. It is a testament to how far the sport of paintball has come.


What are the types of games to play in paintball?

Generally, there are two play types, woodsball, and speedball. Woodsball is often linked to tactical military simulation. On the other hand, speedball, as the name suggests, is about speed using high-fire rate markers.

What is the air system used in paintball?

There are two types: CO2 and compressed air. CO2 is inexpensive and easier to refill. It tends to be heavier and varies in density, so the firing rate is less consistent. Compressed air or N2 is more expensive, and there aren’t a lot of refill stations. But it performs better and has greater consistency and fire rate.

What’s the best paintball for beginners?

If you’re starting out and feeling out the sport, then a more inexpensive option is recommended. The best way to determine what fits your style is to talk to people you will be playing with. They may even lend you something so that you can get a more personal understanding of what you want from a paintball marker.

A man with a paintball gun aiming.


Paintball markers come in many shapes and sizes, which is why the sport is continuously evolving. We can expect more exciting innovations to come soon as manufacturers continue to push the envelope to create better equipment for the game of paintball.

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