Most Expensive Fishing Reels For Unlimited Budgets

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Fishing is one of the oldest sports loved and enjoyed around the world. There are plenty of ways to enjoy it. You can go as simple as you can with a basic bait and tackle set up to something that goes all out with an electric reel to haul in the big ones.

There are so many ways to enjoy this hobby, and getting high-quality fishing reels will add pleasure if not make you a better angler. This list of the most expensive fishing reels will give you an idea of how many spinning reels were developed.

21. Penn Torque 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels

The Torque Lever Drag 2 Speed from Penn Fishing.

Source: Penn Fishing

Penn is a fishing company that has been around for a long time. Suffice to say that their Penn Torque 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel is one of the most sought-after fishing reels in recent years. This made in the USA reel is composed of domestic and imported components. The aluminum body and side plates provide sturdiness and protection, especially from saltwater.

The main and pinion gears are made from stainless steel, making reeling that much easier. It also has stainless steel ball bearings for smoother operations. The 2-speed lever drag helps adjust the power according to the situation. You can quickly shift from low to high gear, especially if a huge fish suddenly bites on your bait. Having this ability adds confidence to both your skill and equipment.

20. Daiwa Tanacom 750 Power Assist Reels

The Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels from Melton Tackle.

Source: Melton Tackle

This fishing reel is designed to go deeper to find more fish. The Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reel has all the features you need to reel in the big ones. It has a water-resistant LCD that reads out information. Despite its power, it is enclosed in a small size which makes it compatible with stand-up fishing.

The case is watertight, so you don’t need to worry about water damage. Included in its features are an automatic stop and jigging feature, line counter, and depth memory. You can also program this reel to remember how long the line is and help reel in the teasers and even get them out of the way with a push of a button. 

19. Shimano Antares A Baitcasting Reels

A Shimano Antares A baitcast reel from Tackle Warehouse.

Source: Tackle Warehouse

The Shimano Antares A Baitcast Reel is a compact and easy-to-use casting reel. This is one of the premium offerings from the Japanese brand. Its features are designed to excel in freshwater. The magnesium Hagane body is durable yet lightweight. It supports an MGLII spool coupled with an S3D design which helps give more distance to the initial cast.

It is also dead quiet thanks to the Silent Tune feature, so you can place your lure without scaring away your catch. This has the X-Ship pinion support system and the fine mesh Micro MOdule Gearing for more comfortable use and control. It also has 11 lbs of drag power which is great for all freshwater environments and situations.

18. Van Staal VS X-Series 200 Spinning Reel

The Van Staal X Series Saltwater Reel from Capitol Fishing.

Source: Capitol Fishing

Van Staal Reels are widely known for their power and durability. The VS X-Series 200 Spinning Reel is no exemption. It has a completely sealed and watertight casing made from grade 6061-T6 aluminum. The gear pinion is made from titanium and hardened stainless steel. 

The brand brags that their gears are made to last a lifetime and can provide the same quality from the day you got it out of the box for years. The X-Series features the X-Wrap, which is an oscillation system that helps lay the line flat. This helps in casting further and allowing more significant drag pressures when using a braided line, as well as improving the overall drag range.

17. Shimano Stella FI Spinning Reel

A Shimano Stella FI spinning reel from Tackle Direct.

Source: Tackle Direct

One of the things that will make you do a double-take on this fishing reel is the sleek design and overall beauty. The contours are stunning, and Shimano has taken the fishing reel design to a whole new level with its elegant design.

But don’t let that fool you because underneath all that beauty is a beast of a reel. It has enhanced corrosion-resistant bearings, an alloy frame with carbon side plates, a D2 gear design, a variable centrifugal braking design, titanium line guides, a bent carbon handle, and EVA knobs. It is also made and shipped from Japan to ensure the quality of every product.

It has a 6.6 lbs maximum drag which is great because it only weighs 6.3 ounces. It also features the X-Ship, SR-Concept, micro-module gearing, and an aluminum cold forge spool. This is great for different purposes in various freshwater environments.

16. SHIMANO Stella 20000 SWB PG

The Shimano Stella 20000 Spin Fishing Reel from Team Fishing.

Source: Team Fishing

If you need something to do the heavy lifting, the Shimano Stella 20000 SWB PG fits the bill. The frame is made from aircraft aluminum adding to its sturdiness for different situations and battles. It has three layers of rubber seals designed to keep water low-pressure water out of the components.

As it is designed to reel in the big ones, it has a Power Gear feature and a 4:4:1 gear ratio. It helps pull 104 cm of the line every time you complete a full crank of the handle. This is especially useful if the fish you’re reeling in is putting up a fight. It has a max drag of 25 kg, so by adding these together, you have one strong kit that can land the big fish.

15. Hatch Gen 2 Finatic 12 Plus Fly Reel

The Hatch Gen 2 Finatic 12 Plus Fly Reel from Hatch Outdoors.

Source: Hatch Outdoors

Hatch is one of the most favorite brands for freshwater and saltwater fishing. They always provide high-performance in any type of environment. The products they put out are always consistent and loved by many.

The Hatch Generation 2 Finatic is made in the USA and made with high-quality stock aluminum. These fishing reels have been known because the reel foot is machined to attach the fishing rod securely easily. This also helps reduce corrosion and anything that may become loose. 

It has a multi-disc drag system which is noted for its strong stopping power. But even with that strength, it still runs ever so smooth. It applies braking pressure and heat dispersion to remove start-up inertia and stick-slip problems.

Generation 2 has better cranks and counterbalance, nine windows, and a concave inside frame which contribute to extra strength and reduction of weight and improved lip seals and bearings.

14. ZeeBaaS ZX2-25RS Spinning Reel

The ZeeBaaS ZX2-25RS Spinning Reel from J and H Tackle.

Source: J and H Tackle

The ZeeBaaS ZX2-25RS Spinning reel is one of the best surf fishing reels in the market. It is fully sealed to protect the components from the harsh saltwater environment. The internals is fine-tuned to provide efficient handling of your catch.

It has a dual drag system which helps you win the fight even with large fishes. It has 25 lbs of max drag and a gear ratio of 4.75:1. These are spiral bevel gears that improve performance by up to 15% from the previous generation. The drag plates are made from carbon fiber which makes them virtually corrosion-free.

13. Shimano Forcemaster 9000A Electric Reel

The Shimano Forcemaster 9000A Electric Reel from Melton Tackle.

Source: Melton Tackle

Deep-sea anglers require specialized equipment to be successful. The Shimano Forcemaster 9000A took up the challenge and has been one of the most favored electric reels ever since.

It has 55 lbs of drag which is very helpful in hauling in the big fish. The Forcemaster 9000 comes equipped with Shimano’s Heat Free System II, which keeps the reel cool to keep anglers from exhausting themselves by winching on the reel. 

This powerful electric reel can wind up to about 140 meters per minute which is why big fishes have no chance of winning a battle once they decide to rest, even for a while.

12. Tibor Signature Series Fly Fishing Reel

The Tibor Signature Series Fly Fishing Reel from Stillwater Fly Shop.

Source: Stillwater Fly Shop

Tibor Signature Series are among the most recognizable reels in the market today. Its large and ventilated spool frame does not just make them distinguishable but also serves to keep the reel cool even amidst a robust battle. You can attach the appropriate fishing rod and be confident it won’t suddenly break down. These series are signed by master reel designer Ted “Tibor” Juracsik with fly fishing in mind.

It has a unique mechanical clutch system that allows from right to left hand retrieve, and Tibor’s QuickChange spool system only requires one moving part to operate. The sealed drag system is self-maintaining and is one of the most lauded to be the toughest reels in the industry to date.

11. Accurate SR-50 TwinSpin Spinning Reel

The Accurate SR-50 TwinSpin Spinning Reel from Tackle Direct

Source: Tackle Direct

The SR-50 TwinSpin Reel is the only reel equipped with Accurate’s TwinDrag feature. This means it can provide a massive drag to fight big game fish with less effort. The components in this reel are made from premium materials, which makes the body rigid and able to meet the demands of sport fishing. It also has superior stopping power with the large friction washers on the side of the spool.

Additionally, this fishing reel comes with a drag pre-set which is a mechanism that allows you to adjust the drag to set the amount of pressure when you’re using it. Other features include 14 Class-5 ABEC stainless steel bearings, stainless steel springs, clips, and gears. It is made in the USA and comes with a 2-year warranty.

10. Abel SDS 11/12 Fly Reel

An Abel SDS 11/12 fly reel from Telluride Angler.

Source: Telluride Angler

The Abel Model SDS is an award-winning design for saltwater fishing. SDS stands for sealed drag salt. It has power, reliability, and smoothness in one package. It has a unique multi-disc drag system that has more than 20 lbs of braking power. The alternating stack of carbon composite and stainless steel discs provide the smoothness and reliability you need to land the big fish when fly fishing.

It has a quick change spool change system which makes this one of the easiest fishing reels to operate in the market. 

9. Nautilus GTX Fly Reel

The Nautilus GTX Fly Reel from Telluride Angler.

Source: Telluride Angler

The GTX is a lightweight spool that can do a lot of heavy lifting. It is machined in a way that promotes strength, maximum line pickup, and quick-drying of the line to prevent damage, especially to braided lines when fly fishing.

It has the GTX PentaDrag braking system, which is a hybrid of Nautilus’ best-reels. It has three cork and carbon fiber surfaces and two free-floating surfaces and is topped with Kevlar and carbon fiber hybrid surfaces to ensure that there is even pressure on all the points of the drag surfaces.

The Nautilus GTX has a maximum drag of 25 lbs and a 1.1-inch wide spool that can hold 500 yards of 50-pound braided line.

8. Avet T-RX 130 2-Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reel

The Avet T-RX 130 2-Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reel from Melton Tackle.

Source: Melton Tackle

This one may be a little quirky, but the overall performance is nothing less than impressive. It has the same T-RX 130 mechanisms that make it a great all-around high-performance fishing reel.

It comes equipped with ultra-power quad disc drag, and carbon fiber drags for braking. Its precision machined 6061 T-6 Marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel components keep it from being affected by corrosion. The overall finish is anodized to keep it looking great even after years of use.

The lever has an adjustable strike and a stop button to prevent it from accidentally changing from advancement to full drag. With the two-speed system, you can quickly shift from light to heavy power. It also has an anti-reverse system which is recognized as one of the most reliable in the industry.

7. Elec-Tra-Mate Brute 2000 Electric Reel

The Brute 2000 Electric Reel from Elec-Tra-Mate.

Source: Elec-Tra-Mate

If you want to truly land the big ones, then this is one that will surely help with that. As it is being used for commercial boats, this has the flexibility to be able to change spools or rods in a matter of seconds.

The Elec-Tra-Mate Brute 2000can be used with super braid or mono for GreenStick fishing or wireline. It can adapt quickly to what bottom fishers require. Having a Pinch Puller Option enables you to switch between a fishing setup to pull out the pots and traps easily.

6. Shimano Tiagra 130A Electric Reel

The Shimano Tiagra 130A Electric Reel from Melton Tackle.

Source: Melton Tackle

This Shimano 2-speed lever-drag reel is made from a solid bar of aluminum for extra strength and durability. Tiagra models are known for their versatility as well as adaptability in any condition. The gears on these are machined from high-quality stainless steel so that you can rely on them for years.

The mechanism they use for the shifting speed helps engage either the power mode or speed mode quickly. It also has a Hydrothermal Drag System that eliminates the surge in drag pressure, which is common in lengthy battles with big fish. It cools down the drag plates to reduce the risk of breaking the line.

Its bearings have anti-rust features, which are 10-times less likely to get corroded. The clicker helps increase the tension on the free spool and informs the fisher when a fish takes the bait. The grip is slightly offset and follows the natural contours and angles of the hand, arm, and wrist, allowing for improved comfort and efficiency.

5. Daiwa Dendoh Marine Power Assist Reel


The Dendoh Marine Power Assist Reel from Tackle Direct.

Source: Tackle Direct

Among the fishing reels produced by Daiwa in the Dendoh series, this is the most powerful one they create. It is essentially a beast as it can drop to 1500 feet with a 120 braided line to catch the biggest fish you can find. 

The frame is made from machine-cut aluminum, including the side plates and the spool. The stainless steel gear drive is also machined to provide more power. It is equipped with the Daiwa’s Power Lever for better control of winding speed and power. It has an LCD that has a digital readout regarding the line let out and the distance from the bottom. Daiwa also included a manual winding option.

4. Hooker Electric Shimano Tiagra 80WA Electric Reels

The Shimano Tiagra 80WA Electric Reels from Hooker Electric.

Source: Hooker Electric

Serious anglers have chosen the Shimano Tiagra 80WA electric reel to be on board with them to catch virtually any type of fish they desire. It is versatile as it combines the line capacity to catch big game fish, simple operation, and the ability to fish any type of species.

The slick design and undeniable power of this fishing reel are always ready anytime you need it, which is why charter boats, commercial fishermen, and hobbyist anglers use it and have it on their ships. It can reel in 500 feet per minute at full speed and can shift between speed and power mode quickly. 

Its frame is machined from a cold-forged aluminum spool. It has RB ball bearings, a Twin Disk Drag system, and other necessary features to give you confidence and the upper hand when battling a huge fish like a tuna or even a marlin.

3. Lindgren-Pitman S-1200 Commercial Electric Reel with Titanium Spool

The Lindgren-Pitman S-1200 Commercial Electric Reel with Titanium Spool from Melton Tackle.

Source: Melton Tackle

L.P. is known in the industry as the innovators of commercial-grade baitcasting reels. This S-1200 is proof that they are among the top choices for fishermen who want to catch the big one.

This has over 100 lbs of drag and can hold up to a little less than 3 km of 80 to 100 braid, which is why it is no question why most professionals choose this as their weapon of choice. It also has a quick spool change feature so that you can convert it from a deep drop setup to any reel you want.

The other features on this reel are the 12V DC motor, electronic control, and switching, electronic line counter, gear driven level winder, a titanium spool, and so much more.

2. Hooker Electric Penn International 130 VIS Dual Motor Electric Reel

The Penn International 130 VIS Dual Motor Electric Reel from Hooker Electric.

Source: Hooker Electric

The Hooker Electric Penn International 130 VIS dual motor was designed for dredge reel and Bluefin Tuna fishing. It can troll 3-tier mullet rigs even without the pulley system. The maximum drag is 100 lbs and is limited to the capability of the reel and not the system of the Hooker Electric module. It can increase its capacity with a more robust reel.

These models are designed for heavy-duty use and can meet the harsh demand of dredge fishing. These have settings that can maintain a smooth drag curve throughout the drag-lever.

It uses a 2HP brushless 12V or 24V motor with full variable speed control. It is nothing short of a phenomenal feat by Penn Engineering. 

1. Lindgren-Pitman SV-2400-GFN

The Lindgren-Pitman SV-2400-GFN from Lindgren-Pitman.

Source: Lindgren-Pitman

The last one in this most expensive fishing reels list is the L.P. SV-2400-GFN. Dredge fishing has a high demand from the reels and equipment that are used to fulfill its requirements. With such high pressure and unpredictable conditions in deep water, it is crucial to have reliable tools that will not fail you anytime you’re fishing.

The SV-2400 GFN has a variable speed of 100 to 750 feet per minute. It can pull 150 lbs at any rate. You can monitor the status of the line with its backlit digital counter. You will also get a brushless motor in 12 V or 24 V. 

Bonus: Ustonson Original Multiplying Winch

The Ustonson Original Multiplying Winch from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques.

Source: Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques

In the 18th century, Onesimus Ustonson invented the revolving spool reel with multiplying gears. This meant that a single turn of the handle would turn the spool multiple times. It was a line released by hand. What made it innovative is the quality of the reel and the inscription “Makers to the Queen,” which meant that a royal warrant was granted for its invention.

These are now considered antiques and have fetched auction prices at upwards of $20,000. If we add this to our list of the most expensive fishing reels, this is the winner by a large margin.


What are the types of fishing reels available?

There are four general types. Spinning reels are known for their whipping action and resemblance to eggbeaters. Baitcasting reels are versatile but need the experience to operate well. Overhead reels are for lure or bait fishing and trolling. Flywheels are traditional and more straightforward in a lot of sense.

Which is better between a manual and electric fishing reel?

One is better than the other, depending on the application it is used in. An electric reel is excellent if you need assistance for reeling in big fishes, while a manual fishing reel is great for something more leisurely and in ponds and rivers.

What’s the best way to take care of fishing reels?

Most modern fishing reels need minimal maintenance since they are designed to withstand use and abuse. A thorough wipe and drying to remove saltwater or any form of water is a great way to keep it working for a long time.

Are all types of reels compatible with any rod?

No. There are compatible components, and there are ones that you can’t fit. Always make sure that the rod and reel you are looking to purchase matches.

How do I choose the right reel size?

You have to know the size of the fishing line you want to use for a particular scenario. The lighter it is, the smaller the reel that it should be and vise versa.


Fishing reels are among the most critical components in fishing and can help improve the overall experience. A high-quality fishing reel is vital in getting plenty of leverage to catch fishes every time.

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