15 Most Expensive Bowling Balls You Can Buy

A man holding a bowling ball looking down the alley.

Bowling is a sport with a history as colorful as the balls used to play it. Modern bowling is more recent than one would think. The advancement of technology and the development of bowling balls, the game, and its rules only began in the mid-19th century.

Bowling ball manufacturers created designs that make it easy for the bowler to pick a ball that will match their playing style. These professional bowling balls may come at a price but promise a better experience when playing. 

Different brands have various offerings which will enable you to have a specific ball for a specific purpose. Check out this bowling ball review of the most expensive bowling balls you can buy in 2021.

15. Motiv Forge Flare

The Motiv Forge Flare Bowling Ball from Bowling Index.

Source: Bowling Index

The Forge Series is carving out a name for itself in the bowling world with its solid reactive cover never done on other Motiv products. It is designed for medium-heavy applications, it has great traction in front of the lane, and has great continuation for a great finish.

The coverstock is made from the new Coercion MXC (MaXimum Continuation) solid reactive coverstock. It is the strongest cover made by Motiv. What makes it distinct is the impressive continuation despite the cover being that strong.

It uses the Detonator weight block, which provides low RG and high differential which results in fast RPM. The result is a strong, continuous one that still has great track flare potential.

This is why speed-dominant players can still use this despite having a symmetrical core. With the combination of a strong cover and a symmetrical core, the bowler can get good performance out of the ball. Tweeners and rev dominant players will also appreciate the design of the ball as it helps emphasize their strengths as well.

The Forge Flare has 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 lbs weight options and is a hard-to-miss yellow, orange, and black color combination.

14. Roto Grip UFO

The Roto Grip UFO Bowling Ball from BowlerX.

Source: BowlerX

The Roto Grip UFO utilizes the latest asymmetrical core, E.T. (that is, Equalizer Technology Core). It has built-in cavities which help increase weight displacement after drilling without the need for a balance hole. 

The technology of the core emulates an extra hole to help balance the ball. It will provide the reduced RG and increased differential even without modifying it further. Those features are built-in to the ball already.

With the addition to the Microtrax Coverstock, it will offer the optimum balance of mid-lane traction. It will also provide the responsiveness you need to continue your roll for greater pin carry. The formulation maintains a great profile texture. It helps increase performance on medium/heavy to heavy oil lane conditions.

The ball weight options available are from 12 lbs to 16 lbs. It comes in a funky combination of deep purple/baby blue/neon green colors which makes it stand out among the crowd.

13. Storm Proton Physix

Storm Proton Physix 15lb, Magenta/Black/Violet The Physix along with its twin Astrophysix met success during their respective debuts. All thanks to its shapeliest reaction available during that time, it was sought after for the control it provides for the bowler. But people were amiss for something that can work well on heavy oil settings. This is the reason why Storm put out the Proton Physix which is the answer to getting traction in any heavy oil pattern surfaces.

They maintained the lightweight core and asymmetrical block. They used the new Atomic Core in the ball which helps in greater mass displacement along the z-axis. That helps better intermediate differential. Storm gave this a 2000 grit Abralon finish from the factory which makes it good to go out of the box.

You will get a new generation NeX Solid (Nano Extreme) coverstock which is known for its remarkable hook potential early in the travel. With Storm’s standard durability and longevity test, it showed an 11% increase in entry angle and 9.6% more hook potential compared to their regular NRG coverstock.

You can get the Proton Physix from 12 lbs to 16 lbs of weight and in magenta/black/violet colorway.

12. Storm Trend

Storm Trend 13lb, Multi

This bowling ball was made in collaboration with Jason Belmonte who is no stranger to the company and the world of bowling. He helped develop other balls which have been well-loved by bowlers. 

This one in particular comes with the PRO-Motion, a balanced shape that creates good motion no matter the bowling style. With the unique design of the core, it creates separate helical arches that create a unique tumble that is easy to see when it rolls. 

The coverstock is a variation of the Reactor series which helps in making this one of the most reactive balls in the marker. Through different testings, they chose R2S that can help add carry and a better angle in the pocket. Regardless of the player’s rev rate, this will still provide a quick response and a more defined breakpoint.

With this coverstock, you can expect the ball to have consistent performance. It will clear the front end of the lane and react well at the backend.

You can get the ball from 12 lbs to 16 lbs of weight and it comes in an aqua/sapphire/teal color combination.

11. Radical Zing! Pearl

Radical Zing Pearl Copper/Pnk/Blk 15lb (60-106290-935)

The Radical Zing! series has a reputation for having a great backend response. The Zing! Pearl has a natural clean travel and a strong backend motion making it great for both wet and dry surfaces. But it will be perfect on medium oil because of the 1000 Crown Factory Finish.

Whether the user has strong rev or a mild one, this ball will have no problem floating down the lane and hook at just the right time. This allows for more room to help the user to adjust their technique later on.

It uses the same core on the Zing! And Zing! Hybrid. It distinguishes itself by being wrapped with the Forged 2 Pearl which yields the most backend in the series. It is a versatile bowling ball that can be utilized by both professionals and hobbyists. Although it is close to the Zing! Hybrid, it still has distinguishable factors that can make it a better choice to be part of your arsenal.

The weight options are from 14 lbs to 16 lbs and it comes in a copper, pink, and black color combination.

10. Brunswick Prism Warp

Brunswick Prism Warp 12lb

The Prism Warp is ideal for any type of surface. It uses the Portal core with an ultra-low RG and a higher to the intermediate differential. The cover is made from Activator Composite Technology 2.0. It goes between the Prism Solid and Prism Hybrid but with fewer teeth on the surface. This makes this bowling ball glide better and has better continuation and a powerful pin carry.

It has the Portal Core featuring DynamiCore for the outer materials and Durability Optimization Technology on the inside. The combination helps enhance the overall durability and strength of the ball while also increasing its hitting power.

The weight options you can get this bowling ball in are from 12 lbs to 16 lbs. It has turquoise, purple, and black color combination.

9. Roto Grip RST X-1

The Roto Grip RST X-1 Bowling Ball from Bowlingball.com.

Source: Bowlingball

Professional bowlers know that control over the ball even when it’s going down the lane is important in many applications. This is one of the reasons why Roto Star created their RST Core. This feature helps its default dynamics even after drilling. The company designed it to maintain its core torque down the bowling alley by using the large mass at the base of the core.

So, even with drilling and the increase of the thumb hose lize, it will not affect the general movement and roll of the bowling ball.

The coverstock also helps maintain a balance between mid-lane traction and the responsiveness of the ball to friction. The Microtrax technology allows for a good blend of nanoparticles throughout the cover. Basically, the cover is made for medium-heavy to heavy oil lane conditions.

It is finished with 3000 grit sanding and asymmetric which is a great combination if you’re looking for a bowling ball with plenty of versatility.

You can get the ball from 12 lbs to 16 lbs weight option and it comes in a black/dark forest/forest pearl color combination.

8. 900 Global Reality

The 900 Global Reality Bowling Ball from BowlerX.

Source: Bowler X

900 Global claims that this is their strongest ball in their lineup to date. This solid version of the S84 Response cover utilizes up to 20% larger pore size with a 2000 Abralon finish which helps create traction even on the heaviest oil setting. 

It has an asymmetric core that has different shapes at the top and bottom of the weight block that helps fill up space without adding too much material. Using this on a dry lane will make it change direction a lot faster.

This ball powers through the front part of the bowling alley and hooks just right through the pins. Bowlers who love to put high speed or throw a lower rev rate will love this because of its unbridled strength. If you need a bowling ball that can help you change angles more easily, this may be your top choice.

The available weight for this ball is from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and it comes in a combination of purple, light blue, and deep purple color combination.

7. 900 Global Volatility Torque

The Global Volatility Torque Bowling Ball from Pureitbowling.

Source: Pureitbowling

This is an improvement on the well-known Volatility ball. The Torque utilizes the new S84 Response Pearl coverstock which uses cutting-edge materials that increase the microscopic pores on the surface by 20% which offers plenty of oil absorption. The polished pearl finish ensures great flow on the front end of the lane and a strong finish at the backend.

The core is the signature 900 Global Volatility Asymmetric which helps distribute the mass of the ball well for a better continuation and great pin carry. It is polished at 1500 grit from the factory which makes it great for both medium/heavy oil to heavy oil surfaces.

With the design of the ball, it will be great for use at the start of the game to open up angles and can even be used throughout because of its versatility.

It is available from 12 lbs to 16 lbs weight option and comes in an emerald/stee/violet colorway.

6. Motiv Alpha Jackal

The Motiv Alpha Jackal Bowling Ball from Bowling.com.

Source: Bowling.com

If you need to dominate a bowling alley that’s heavy on oil, you can almost always guarantee a Motiv Alpha Jackal is going to help you defeat it. This Jackal provides more hook potential and control with a greater continuation to finish your shot.

This is an iteration of an already great and beloved Jackal Ghost. It has an updated and stronger solid coverstock in combination with the Predator V2 weight block at the core. With the asymmetric design of the core, it has low RG and plenty of differentials which helps the user maximize the rev and flare of the ball on the track.

Players don’t need to worry about its traction on heavily oiled surfaces which speed dominant players dread. It can dominate the bowling alley and hook at the right time. 

The Alpha Jackal is available in 14, 15, and 16 lbs weight options and comes in an attractive purple and blue color combination.

5. Motiv Trident Nemesis

The Trident Nemesis Bowling Ball from Motiv Bowling.

Source: Motiv Bowling

This bowling ball from the Trident line of Motiv uses the new asymmetrical Sidewinder core shape. It is the most angular ball they have created. It uses their latest Infusion HV (High-Volume) Pearl Reactive cover technology. It provides impressive performance on the backend as well as provide a powerful continuation of your shot.

You will notice more angles from this ball and it is also tuned to deliver an impressive backend motion and powerful continuation for a satisfying pin carry. It is also future-ready as its design has taken into consideration the balance hole rule change.

The Sidewinder weight block will give the player who tends to drill their balls more control. With the cover polished to 5500 grit, it moves very fast even on lightly oiled surfaces. This is great for use on angular attacks. It may not be as strong as the other balls in the lineup but it makes for easier use and is better if you need to create steeper angles on your shot.

Finally, this ball is made in the USA which is a guarantee of great craftsmanship and quality out of the box.

The weight range available is from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and comes in silver pearl and aqua pearl NeoMark graphics.

4. Motiv Jackal Legacy

Motiv Jackal Legacy from Bowling Index.

Source: Bowling Index

The Jackal series has been the long-running winner of the Motiv line of bowling balls. It has a massive reputation for its ability to hook even in the heaviest of oil conditions any bowler may encounter. The Jackal Legacy continues on that, well, legacy and even improves upon it.

This ball uses the well-known Predator V2 weight block which makes it a strong, versatile, and reliable ball. It provides this Jackal with a combination of asymmetrical and angular shapes. Coupled with the Coercion MXC Solid Reactive coverstock, this bowling ball is the strongest from the Motiv production line.

The Coercion is a great solid coverstock that has impressive traction in heavy oil settings which also provides strong down-lane motion as well as a great continuation for an awesome pin carry. 

Speed dominant players who struggle in their mid-lane game will benefit from this setup. Balanced players will also find that the aggressive combination of the core and coverstock can be utilized to improve their performance. Even rev dominant players will find that this Jackal is their best friend with its strong hook potential and continuation.

The available weight range of this ball is 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 lbs and comes in the signature, pearl, red, and black color combination.

3. Storm Omega Crux

Storm Omega Crux 15lb, White/Copper/Graphite

Storm claims that this is their most dynamic ball in the market today thanks to the asymmetrical core design of the Catalyst Core. They use the core in their entire Crux series which is used by players both professional and hobbyists around the world. 

They developed GI-20 or Game Improvement – 2020 technology to help maximize the potential of any player by improving their performance in almost any type of environment today. It is especially reactive in a frictionless environment which helps make precise shots and nail where you want to hit. Even if you make a mistake, it can compensate and recover from anywhere in the lane.

Aside from the asymmetrical weight block and reactive resin GI-20 coverstock. It has a lightweight core making it easier to wield, has a 3000-grit factory finish, and high-flare potential. It is dynamic and adaptable to any playing style.

The Omega Crux is available from 12 lbs to 16 lbs in weight and you can expect to see it in its signature white/copper/graphite color combination.

2. Storm Parallax

Storm Parallax Bowling Ball 15lbs, Multi

Released in August of 2020, this is one of the latest balls from Storm. This has the patented lightweight core and asymmetrical weight blog. What makes this stand out from the Omega Crux is the 1500 grit finish which tends to be more on the grippier side.

It has Aeroflo Core which makes for a more simple and elegant glow. Being a lighter ball, it has higher RG and the position of the depressions on the Z-axis from the pin mimics the effect of an extra hole which keeps the intermediate differential at a manageable amount. So, the difficulty of drilling the ball becomes less tedious while maintaining a true roll for the users.

The Parallax uses the reactive resin Traction X7 coverstock. It is a hybrid and very reactive coverstock. Storm combines the features that were well-liked in their seven coverstocks and put them all in this. It has more texture, more porous, and has mode motility which helps make this bowling ball a winner in any bowling bag if you’re looking for a versatile ball.

You can get this at 12 lbs to 16 lbs of weight and in marine/steel/black colorway.

1. Hammer Redemption Hybrid

The Hammer Redemption Hybrid Bowling Ball from Bowlingball.

Source: Bowlingball

The Hammer Redemption Hybrid is an iteration of an already successful bowling ball from the same company. It improves upon it by adding a shinier cover which places it right in the middle of the Solid and Pearl versions. 

This modification provides a great hook potential at the end while keeping it true and clean in the first part of the lane. It utilizes DOT which allows the user to drill anywhere in the ball with no compromise on its strength. It is also infused with carbon fiber which helps make it tougher.

It has an asymmetrical core and a hybrid reactive coverstock. Bowlers with high rev rates will appreciate the features of this ball.

It is available in 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 lbs weight options and comes in a color combination of red, white, and navy blue.


Why do I need my own bowling ball?

Having a personalized ball will make your experience better. If you just rely on house balls, the finger holes may not fit your hand well and can even injure you.

You can have a bowling ball drilled to your desired specifications. Pro shops usually have drilling services that can help you find the right drill. If it’s your first time, they will ask you to throw a few shots so that they can see your style and recommend something that will fit your style.

What are the different types of ball materials?

Urethane has softer coverstock which creates more friction in the lane. Reactive resin is the latest type that helps increase the friction for better hooks. Particle material is similar to reactive resin in terms of grip but they have increased power and better hook potential.

What’s the ideal weight for a bowling ball?

This depends on what each person prefers. Although it should be emphasized that the weight of your bowling ball is crucial. You can choose from 12 lbs to 16 lbs of weight.

What are the prominent and recent innovations for bowling balls?

Nowadays, manufacturers use plastic, urethane, reactive resin, and particle coverstocks. These have different functions and can help absorb more oil and provide control for the player. The core is also modified in a way so that the ball will move a certain way and can react better on the lane.

There are also innovations that make drilling and customizing the fit of the ball easier so that the player will be more comfortable no matter how many bowling balls he uses.

What’s the benefit of using an expensive bowling ball?

It all comes to the experience and what context you are thinking of playing. If you plan on improving your skills or going professional, the right tools and equipment will help you more compared to having basic ones at your disposal. You should also consider good bowling shoes if you want to up your game.


Here you have the most expensive bowling balls you can buy in 2021. Aside from having great materials and years of research put into their development, they look great in any bowling bag.

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