7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles For Unlimited Budgets

A couple of ping pong paddles by the net of the ping pong table.

The most expensive ping pong paddles come from reputable table tennis manufacturers. These high-quality rackets enhance your skills, which makes them a top choice among professionals.

But professional players aren’t the only ones who can benefit from these premium table tennis rackets.

If you want to up your game, you should also consider investing in an expensive ping pong paddle. Besides improving your gameplay, it also offers durability and flexibility, unlike any cheap racket. 

Premium table tennis paddles only use the highest quality materials and modern technology. Rest assured, you get what you pay for.

Today, we’ll show you the seven most expensive ping pong paddles to narrow down your choices. And to help you make the best purchase, we also included a buying guide.

Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the article!

7. Killerspin Kido 7P RTG Premium Paddle

The Killerspin Kido 7P RTG Premium Paddle from Shopify.

Source: Killerspin

Killerspin is a reputable table tennis company. It offers a range of luxurious equipment that brings style and intensity to the sport.

The Kido 7P RTG Premium racket is crafted with Fortissimo Rubbers. These high-tension rubbers offer a balance between power and control.

It also helps you execute accurate shots and proper techniques. This high-powered racket ultimately increases your ability and prepares you for advanced competitions.

As for its body construction, the Kido ping pong paddle uses seven wood plies to ensure durability. It is also lightweight that makes it adaptable to any playing style. 

Moreover, the Kido 7P RTG Premium racket offers two handle designs to fit your playing style.

The straight one is more balanced towards the handle to offer stability and flexibility. It is ideal for backhand dominating players.

In contrast, a flared handle has a head-heavy balance to keep the blade in your hand, even when delivering high-powered shots. It suits forehand dominating players with offensive gameplays.

Finally, the Kido comes with a unique memory book paddle case. Feel free to collect signatures and scores or store your paddle inside. 

I think the Kido 7P RTG Premium is worth the money, considering the quality it provides. Make sure to check out this product as it’s the cheapest on this list. 

6. JOOLA Elite Combo Racket

The JOOLA Elite Combo Racket from Megaspin.

Source: Megaspin

The JOOLA Elite Combo is an ITTF-approved paddle that’s popular among professional players. Olympic medalist Jor Rosskopf and US Team member Han Xiao are just two of the many users of this racket.

It features 2 mm sponge thickness for consistent bounce. This density makes it easier to keep the ping pong ball in play for effortless counter-rallies.

Additionally, it comes with Express X-Plode rubbers to give you power and control. It also offers decent speed for quick plays.

Moreover, JOOLA’s premium paddle uses a flared handle for a more stable and flexible grip. It enables you to play aggressively and dominate the game.

But perhaps the biggest perk of the JOOLA Elite Combo is its value for money. It has moderate pricing, despite being a top choice among international table tennis professionals.

I highly recommend buying this ping-pong paddle if you want to up your game.

5. Killerspin Diamond TC RTG Premium Racket

The Killerspin Diamond TC RTG Premium Racket from Shopify.

Source: Killerspin

Killerspin’s Diamond TC RTG Racket is famous not only for its high price tag but also for its incredible performance.

This ITTF-approved paddle has a professional-grade construction that elevates your gameplay. It uses Fortissimo Rubber on the surface to give you power and control.

This rubber material also increases shot accuracy. It helps you aim at any trajectory with relative ease. Of course, practice is the primary key to achieving this.

As for its blade, it features two titanium carbon and five premium wood layers. Its unique body construction ensures durability and balance.

Moreover, the Killerspin Diamond offers two handle designs to accommodate players with different preferences. The angled one produces more impact, while the flat handle provides better control.

Finally, it includes a personalized memory book for collecting signatures or scores. This book also doubles as a storage case for your paddle.

With all these features in mind, I believe the extra expense for this racket is worth it. It ultimately enhances your ability to play the game.

4. Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Proline

The Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Proline from Megaspin.

Source: Megaspin

Butterfly is one of the leading brands in the table tennis industry. For over 60 years, the company has produced high-performing table tennis equipment including the Timo Boll ZLC Proline.

Named after the German professional table tennis player, this racket is a favorite among skilled athletes.

The premium blade has the traditional Butterfly carbon feel and power. It helps keep your plays fast and flexible at the same time.

It also uses ZL Fiber material that effectively holds the ball for extended periods. This increased dwelling time delivers both maximum speed and spin, ideal for loop and smash attacks.

Moreover, the Timo Boll ZLC racket has a sponge thickness of 2.1 mm. This thicker sponge gives you greater control over the spin.

Finally, the blade offers consistent bounce throughout the game. It makes blocking and counter-rallies almost effortless.

I recommend the Timo Boll ZLC Proline Racket for offensive players who like to dominate using loops and smashes. Plus, if you’re a lefty like Timo Ball, you’ll find this paddle easy to use.

3. Butterfly Viscaria FL Pro-Line Tennis Racket With Tenergy

The Butterfly Viscaria FL Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket With Tenergy with a light gray handle.

Source: Butterfly Online

The Viscaria Pro-Line is among Butterfly’s popular table tennis rackets for good reasons.

First, this premium ping pong paddle has an arylate fiber and carbon fiber construction. These materials offer great speed without sacrificing balance and control.

Butterfly’s Viscaria blade also features a compact head made of arylate carbon and wood. Its unique design makes it light and flexible. It also helps you deliver quicker loops. 

Furthermore, this expensive ping pong paddle offers excellent shock absorbing ability. It can return powerful shots with ease and high precision.

Lastly, it uses Tenergy 05 rubber for producing topspin plays at or away from the ping pong table. It’s the ideal table tennis racket if you want to play agile and light.

Overall, the Viscaria Pro-Line suits professionals and highly-skilled users with aggressive playing styles. Consider getting this blade to improve your skills and win games.

2. Killerspin Stilo7 SVR – Limited Edition

The Killerspin Stilo7 SVR – Limited Edition from shopify.

Source: Killerspin

One of Killerspin’s most sought-after products is the Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition.

It uses a carbon fiber blade and high-performance Nitrix rubbers. These materials make it the fastest ping pong paddle in the world.

The Stilo7 SVR also has a lightweight design, which can quickly adapt to any playing style. 

This premium table tennis racket even ensures a comfortable and stable grip, thanks to its flared handle.

And true to the company’s mission, the Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition does bring style to the game. Its minimal black design looks sleek and modern.

Finally, Killerspin includes a protective custom storage case in the package. Feel free to store your paddle whenever you’re not playing or bring it anywhere with you.

Overall, the Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition paddle delivers excellent power, control, and performance in one package. It’s a racket to consider if you want to step up your game.

1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL Pro-Line With Bryce High Speed

This is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL Pro-Line With Bryce High Speed still in its box.

Source: Butterfly Online

Leading table tennis manufacturer Butterfly produces the world’s most expensive ping pong paddle. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC offers great value for the price it costs.

It features the signature zylon carbon-fiber technology from Butterfly. This material increases the paddle’s strength and flexibility for better gameplay.

The Bryce high-speed rubbers transform this high-quality racket even further. It directly builds tension into the rubber, which improves rebound up to 18%.

Furthermore, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC paddle comes with an ultra-thin top sheet. It enables the ball to bump into the rubber surface more often. This makes it easier to perform spin shots.

Considering all these features, I can say that this pro-line racket is more suitable for offensive players. Its microlayer technology allows you to play table tennis aggressively.

So if this is your main playing technique, I suggest saving money to buy this table tennis racket. It’s well worth it considering the quality it offers.

Why Are Ping Pong Paddles So Expensive?

Various ping pong sports equipment on display at the store.

After reading that list, I know you’re probably wondering why these paddles are so expensive. There are good reasons for their steep prices.

Below are the factors that make ping pong paddles costly.


Perhaps the number one reason why they are expensive is the way they are manufactured.

Ping pong paddles contain three basic parts: blade, sponge, and rubber. Each one is made from various materials that increase its cost.

  • Blade – It refers to the foundation and handle of the racket. It usually has a two-ply wood or carbon-fiber construction. Professional paddles, on the other hand, use more than two layers that makes them more expensive.
  • Sponge – It determines the thickness of the paddle. It doesn’t directly impact the price of the table tennis equipment. But it affects the type of rubber to use.
  • Rubber –  It is the top “layer” of the paddle that touches the ping pong ball. There are four types of rubber for different gameplays. And its construction varies depending on the company. Regardless of the material used, the rubber should be ITTF-approved.

These pieces are then combined using standard tennis brand glues like Butterfly, DHS, and Donic. The type of adhesives used can also increase the price of rackets.

Once the parts are fused, the manufacturer will test the blades. They do this to ensure that the ping pong paddle meets standards of use. Testing requires operational costs, such as the equipment and staff training, which contribute to the racket’s overall cost.


Another reason why these ping pong paddles are so expensive is due to their brand names.

The most expensive racket on this list comes from Butterfly. As mentioned, it’s the leading brand of table tennis equipment that’s been serving the industry for over 60 years.

Butterfly only uses the highest quality of materials to make consistently high-performing rackets. This commitment makes the brand popular among professionals and advanced players around the world. It ultimately justifies the cost of their table tennis equipment.

Besides Butterfly, I also listed other expensive rackets from the most reputable brands. They integrate quality materials with high-end technology to offer the best possible paddles on the market. The value they provide is what makes them so expensive.

Is Buying an Expensive Ping Pong Paddle Worth It?

Yes, it’s worth it! An expensive ping pong paddle can enhance your gameplay. Thus, it allows you to dominate matches with ease.

I’m not saying that expensive rackets are necessarily better than cheaper ones. I know several low-cost ping pong paddles that perform as well as costly ones.

But as mentioned, pricier paddles use higher-quality materials and technology. These offer more power, speed, and balance than their inexpensive counterparts. They also guarantee durability and reliable performance.

With that said, your level of gameplay won’t solely depend on the equipment you use. Don’t expect to get better overnight when using these expensive ping pong paddles. You still need to practice.

This is why I would only recommend these premium rackets for professional and intermediate players. Beginners can start with cheaper paddles then upgrade later once they get better at the game.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

A female ping pong player about to serve.

By now, you’ve probably decided to invest in an expensive ping pong paddle. But if you’re still clueless about which one to buy, don’t worry!

Below I listed essential factors to consider when choosing the best racket.

Level of Experience

Before buying a ping pong paddle, you must consider your playing experience. The general rule is to choose a racket that matches your skill level and abilities.

The premium paddles above are designed with professionals in mind, so they are hard to use when you’re just starting to play.

It doesn’t make sense to buy them as a beginner. Instead, stick with entry-level rackets.

But if you’re already familiar with the basics, feel free to upgrade your equipment. You will see a significant improvement in your gameplay with an expensive racket.

Playing Style

Each paddle features different specifications to adapt to various playing styles.

For attacking, you want to purchase rackets with lighter blades. You can execute better offensive moves since they offer excellent speed.

But if you’re a defensive player, choose a dense paddle instead. You will have more control with such a blade.

Blade Material

A blade usually contains different materials such as wood and carbon fiber.

With that said, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) requires the blade to be at least 85% wood. Other components should also make up less than 7.5% of the blade.

The construction material determines the paddle’s predictability, which affects your playing style. So make sure to choose your equipment carefully.

In general, a ping pong paddle with carbon fiber offers uniform bounce and precision. Both the Butterfly Zhang Jike and Killerspin Stilo7 SVR incorporate carbon fiber in their blades.


Attached to the blade is the handle. There are different kinds of handles, and it’s up to you to choose which one suits your playing style.

  • Flared handle – This is the most common type of handle, favored by beginners and professionals alike. Its center of gravity is closer to the grip, which firmly keeps the paddle on your hand. Thus, it’s suitable for forehand dominant players.
  • Straight handle – It is more balanced towards the head to offer flexibility. It is suitable for backhand dominating players who often change their grips in-game. However, it can be harder to control.
  • Penhold handle – This type of handle is shorter to accommodate players who use the penhold grip. It offers an incredible amount of wrist flexibility, making it ideal for forehand attacks. Delivering backhand spins with this handle can be challenging, though.
  • Anatomic handle – It features a wave-shaped grip to provide maximum comfort and stability. It suits players with unchanging hold and those who prefer to hit the ball closer to the table. But it is weak at looping and long-distance.

Some expensive ping pong paddles, such as Killerspin’s Diamond TC RTG and Kido 7P, are available in either flared or straight handle. Consider checking them out.


Rubber determines how you should use a ping pong paddle. It is categorized into four main types:

  • Smooth – Also known as inverted rubber, it features a smooth surface to provide various speeds and spins. It is the most popular type of rubber.
  • Short Pips – Also called “pimpled” rubber, it has a narrow contact surface with the ball. Thus, it provides greater control but lesser spin. It is ideal for blocking, hitting, and counterattacks.
  • Long Pips – This type of rubber can grip the ball better than short pips. It can reverse the spins of the opponent, making it suitable for defense.
  • Anti-spin – It is a type of smooth rubber with lesser friction. It does not grip the ball, so you can return the opponent’s attacks with little spin. It suits defensive plays.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with only one rubber. You can have a racket with two different rubber coatings on each side. This will help enhance your gameplay.

Sponge Thickness

The sponge affects the speed of the ball as it hits the rubber.

The thicker the sponge, the faster the paddle is.

Meanwhile, a thinner sponge slows down the ball’s bounce. It gives you more time to react, hence more control.

For these reasons, a thick sponge is suited for offensive play, while a thin sponge is ideal for defense.


If speed is essential to your gameplay, find a racket with a hybrid blade. Note that the paddle must have at least five layers of blade material to suit fast-paced matches.

Wooden blades reinforced with carbon fiber or titanium carbon provide more speed to the ball. This material ultimately allows you to play aggressively. 

As for the sponge, it should be thick enough to perform rebounds effectively.

Consider the Butterfly Viscaria FL Pro-Line Tennis Racket for fast-paced games.


Do you want to perform excellent ball spins with ease? Choose a ping pong racket with a tacky rubber. The tackier it is, the easier it is to deliver spins.

Besides the rubber, you must also consider the blade. Ensure that it has a moderate thickness to absorb ball impact, but still provide enough flexibility for spins.

The Butterfly’s Zhang Jike Super ZLC is an excellent option to help you generate spins in-game.


If you’re a control-oriented player, consider a paddle with a soft blade. Look for 100% wood construction to absorb impact more efficiently. It would also be great if it has a thinner sponge to offer more grip.

Most of the expensive ping pong paddles on this list offer great control. I specifically recommend the Killerspin Stilo7 SVR if you want a balance between control, speed, and spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

Table tennis and ping pong are the same game. However, most people prefer the term “table tennis” to refer to the sport’s competitive side. Ping pong is more of a household sport and is used in an informal, social way.

Why does a ping pong paddle have two colors?

You may notice that some ping pong paddles have two colors, specifically black and red. These colors simply promote fair game.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) requires it to determine which part of the paddle your opponent will use. This is because many players now use different rubbers on each side of the paddle to perform various shots. 

What is the recommended sponge thickness for a ping pong paddle?

It will depend on your personal preference.

If you have an aggressive style of play, choose a thicker sponge (preferably 2.0mm or more) for the rubber.

For an all-around playing style, consider a rubber thickness of 1.5mm-1.9mm. You’ll get medium rebound speed with it, which gives you more control.

What is the most expensive ping pong paddle?

As of this writing, the most expensive ping pong paddle is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Racket. It costs a whopping $525.97.

Where can I buy these expensive ping pong paddles?

You can buy these ping pong paddles through the links provided on this website. 


That wraps up this article about the most expensive paddles on the market.

Hopefully, you consider buying a high-quality racket from our list. You will not go wrong with any one of the products listed above. Instead, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your gameplay.

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