13 of the Best Online Figure Skating Stores

A group of figure skaters huddled together, wearing matching black ice skating pants and white skates.

In figure skating, skaters execute moves, including leaps, spins, lifts, and footwork beautifully and fluidly while on the rink. The Olympics has made figure skating a prominent sport in the Winter Olympics.

Both figure skating and gliding make extensive use of the body, requiring nearly every muscle to move in sync. Crossovers, reverse skating, and spinning improves your self-confidence and concentration.

In addition to having a pair of skates that is safe and has the correct fit, it is also advised that you get a couple of gloves to protect your hands in the event of a fall, warm clothes that you can move in, and a helmet if you want.

To get your own skates, as well as other equipment, you might want to check out the list of the best online figure skating stores found in this article.

The 13 Best Online Figure Skating Stores

1. Figure Skating Store

A screenshot of the Figure Skating Store online store homepage.

Figure Skating Store is a retailer of ice skates, ice skating gear, and figure skating dresses online, offering a wide selection at competitive prices. They also offer items from many ice skating gear producers throughout the globe, some of which are small, while others are global corporations that serve several continents. The Figure Skating Store welcomes new and experienced skaters from all over the globe.

2. Figure Skating Boutique

A screenshot of the Figure Skating Boutique online store homepage.

Because of the Figure Skating Boutique‘s international renown, connections with customers are significant to them. For either their leisure or competitive skating needs, they strive to provide skaters with all they need and offer them the opportunity to enjoy the sport of skating. 

For anybody looking to practice and improve their skating skills, skates and blades are available, as are skate sharpening, selection of skating gear, and skate mounting. In addition, crystallizing of dresses is offered to those who want a more elegant and refined look.

3. Love Ice Skating

A screenshot of the Love Ice Skating online store homepage.

The store Love Ice Skating located in sunny Essex began in 2010 and is a specialized figure skating. They have Zuca, Jiv, Chloe Noel, Dri Ice, Intermezzo, Sagester, Thuono, Jackson, Edea, Graf, Risport, John Wilson, and MK for its newest and finest ice and figure skating jackets, leggings, tights, skirts, shorts, wraps, spinners, and off-ice training equipment.

4. Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating

A screenshot of the Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating online store homepage.

Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating offers custom-made figure skating costumes and gear, figure skating outfits for skating leisure or professional, ice skates, and other competitive skates. The team provides specialized figure skating and ice skating needs for youngsters, boys, and girls. 

Because other online skating shops don’t offer a complete sharpening and waterproofing service, this online skating business goes above and beyond to give you all you need.

5. Discount Skatewear

A screenshot of the Discount Skatewear online store homepage.

Pro’s Edge Sports was founded in 2000, and they now have an online store called Discount Skatewear. Skaters of all levels and skills are provided with many goods and services by which they may support their skating career. You may also have your skates custom-fitted by an approved skate fitter who is also an expert in the unique characteristics of each kind of skate. 

Once you visit their online shop, you may discover everything you need for figure skating, including figure skates, blades, figure skating costumes, and all kinds of ice skating accessories and giftware.

6. Skaters Edge Boutique

A screenshot of the Skaters Edge Boutique online store homepage.

Skaters Edge offers uncompromised services and goods and is Western Canada’s number one full-service figure skating shop. The company is dedicated to developing and improving the sport of figure skating in all of its forms. 

They provide the greatest selection of ice skating costumes, skates, blades, tights, socks, ice skating bags, and other ice skating equipment available on their online store.

7. Best Buy Figure Skating

A screenshot of the Best Buy Figure Skating online store homepage.

Best Buy Figure Skating is housed in one of the best-skating facilities in Southern California, the Anaheim Ducks’ Official Practice Facility, and offers various figure skating equipment. The hallmarks of their business are the delightful and well-trained personnel, and they have the widest variety of figure skating gear in Southern California. 

You can view for yourself by visiting their online shop now that they are genuinely committed to providing you with the “ULTIMATE FIT.”

8. Kinzie’s Closet

A screenshot of the Kinzie's Closet online store homepage.

Kinzie’s Closet Figure Skating Store is a one-stop shop for everything you need to flourish in the sports of figure skating, roller skating, cheerleading, and more. They offer high-quality ice skates and figure skate boots from companies such as Edea, Graf, Jackson, Riedell, MK, Wilson, Risport, and others. They also carry ice skates and figure skate footwear from other manufacturers. 

Along with competitive skating costumes, ice skating accessories, cheer shoes, cheer clothing, roller skates, pic-skates, and other items, they also offer Nfinity shoes and backpacks.

9. iSkate

A screenshot of the iSkate online store homepage.

iSkate is Australia’s biggest figure skating and ice hockey retailer. Every skater’s goal is within reach because of their commitment to providing the newest equipment, gear, and accessories in their online shop. 

They are also conveniently situated within the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, allowing you to purchase all of your skating requirements in one location, while also providing skate repairs, maintenance, and sharpening.

10. Rainbo Sports & Skating

A screenshot of the Rainbo Sports & Skating online store homepage.

Rainbo Sports is dedicated to improving the performance of figure skaters across the globe, while also supporting their lifestyles. Their mission is to offer skaters and their families the best equipment for their requirements, which are professionally fitted and equipped to optimize their performance, while at the same time delivering great value. 

Their suppliers offer figure skating equipment and goods, and they maintain close relationships with them to give you the newest trends and have the items you need as soon as possible.

11. Skates Guru

A screenshot of the Skate Guru online store homepage.

Skates Guru can assist you in being safe and fashionable while on the ice. Wearing the finest ice skates will help you glide around the ice like a pro, whether you’re just getting started or pursuing your goal of becoming a professional. 

These people take great pleasure in being able to handpick the best-looking and safest clothing from the most reputed brands available on the market for you. When you explore their website, you can be sure that you are purchasing only the highest-quality products.

12. The Sharper Edge

A screenshot of the The Sharper Edge online store homepage.

The Sharper Edge is a skate store situated just north of Boston. Considering that the founders are both former professional skaters, you can be confident that they will bring several tips and skills to the process of customizing your skating equipment. 

They also offer ice skating boots, blades, skates, safety equipment, skating bags, and other ice skating accessories that may be purchased directly from their online shop as well.

13. Skates For Less

A screenshot of the Skates For Less online store homepage.

Skates For Less is an online supplier of ice skates, ice skating gear, and figure skating outfits. Also, in the United States, it is regarded as one of the top-grossing figure skating businesses. If you visit their online store, you can view their best-selling goods, including skates, blades, skating costumes, skating bags, roller skating, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age should you start figure skating?

One may start to learn how to skate at any age, although it is recommended that kids within the ages of 4 and 7 take group classes. Some stability has been reached by that time, and the kids usually seem pleased to be on the ice. Some youngsters can benefit from one-on-one teaching as early as that.

2. Who is the most famous figure skater?

Among skaters in recent memory, the most famous figure skater is Russian Evgeni Plushenko. Throughout the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, he won a gold medal in the individual competition and another with his team at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. In the Individual Men’s events in 2010 and 2002, he has also won the silver.

3. What is the age limit for Olympic figure skating?

Before July 1 of the year before, all skaters must be members of the International Skating Union and must be at least fifteen years old. It is a requirement that players on tour must also be citizens of the nation they represent. At least two weeks before the Olympics, competitors who reside in another country must apply for citizenship in that country.

4. How do figure skaters not get cut?

The blades of figure skating are different from knives. Two edges and a central groove make the blades unique. Since the blades have a little thicker edge, the skaters’ weight is spread over a somewhat wider surface, especially in women.

Two girls in complete figure skating gear, practicing their figure skating moves inside an empty ice rink.

Once we’ve discovered that we can now buy and purchase items via our cellphones, it lightens the mental load of needing to wander the streets and physically visit shops. Finding figure skates or skates equipment you desire in actual stores may be difficult, so you may search the online retailers I have collected for you in such cases.

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