18 of the Best Online Basketball Stores

Basketballs on a display rack of a basketball retail store.

Basketball is one of, if not the, most played sports in the world. With the NBA Finals down to its last few games this season, fans all over the country are still on a high. We’re sure that you are too focused on what goes on in every game. Too much, in fact, that you even take notice of what shoes, clothing, and accessories the players wear. 

While some people just enjoy watching the sport, avid fans like you love to get on with the whole basketball experience. We’re sure you would not think twice to spend, if not splurge, on the latest and best basketball products available on the market. 

Most people might not understand, but we do, and we’re here to help. Here are the best online stores that offer you the latest and trendiest basketball apparel we’re sure you would want to buy. 

List of Basketball Online Stores

1. Basketzone

A screenshot of the Basketzone online basketball store homepage.

Established in 2010, Basketzone takes pride in its reliability and popularity. This online store dedicates good quality to providing choices of basketball shoes and apparel. They also claim to have the most Air Jordan models worldwide. 

Their website sorted their products by category, size, price, and features for a more accessible selection. They even incorporated a special feature that allows you to choose a player, and they will sort the basketball player’s shoes for you. Payment methods are not a problem as they cater to multiple options. 

2. Kickz

A screenshot of the Kickz online basketball store homepage.

Kickz, a long-standing online store established in 1993, offers a variety of basketball shoes and gear that you would want to check out. They have got it all down from head to toe, and you can even check out the signature shoes of some famous basketball players. 

Constantly featuring what’s new in every streetball season, this online store is one place to go for basketball styles of different brands.

3. Eastbay

A screenshot of the Eastbay online basketball store homepage.

Founded in 2021, despite Eastbay being a new name to the list of online stores, they have expanded in a short amount of time. Eastbay is a multi-sport online store, offering a wide range of products to every player.  

Ranging from basketball shorts, shoes, jerseys, to bags, Eastbay caters to different brands of ball products to men, women, and kids. This store even promises not to leave you heartbroken when you get the wrong size. They allow a free exchange of your shoes or other products for a better fit. 

4. Nike

A screenshot of the Nike online basketball store homepage.

The Nike brand has been around for ages since 1964, to be exact. While this brand has multiple physical stores worldwide, they still cater to those who prefer to shop online. Despite being a multi-sport brand, Nike is also known to be a big basketball store as they sponsor big names in the sport. 

5. Basketball Store

A screenshot of the Basketball Store online basketball store homepage.

Born to translate basketball as a team sport to be a work of professionals, Basketball Store has been a physical store in Puglia since the ’80s. But they’ve gone with the flow of the world. Basketball Store opened an online store to cater to basketball fans and players all over the world. 

Focusing on basketball alone, this store offers different brands you can enjoy comparing to see what fits you. Through personal experiences of the hardships of the game, the founders of Basketball Store share their passion through the sale of all-basketball products. 

6. NBA Store

A screenshot of the NBA Store online basketball store homepage.

NBA was founded in 1946, but it was only in 1998 that the NBA Store was founded. Over time, many physical stores of NBA Store closed down. But with the height and popularity of the NBA playoffs and finals, the online store became a booming business. Fans, enthusiasts, and players from all over the world closed a deal with the product they wanted with just one click. 

7. Champs Sports

A screenshot of the Champs Sports online basketball store homepage.

Champs Sports is one of the longest-running sports stores in the US. Founded in the 1980s, Champs Store has gone through many challenges that came with time but remained steadfast until today. They developed their website to cater to online shopping, and now, they offer multiple sports-related products. They support basketball players, fans, and enthusiasts all over the world with their variety of choices of clothing, shoes, apparel, and equipment on their website. 

8. Bouncewear

A screenshot of the Bouncewear online basketball store homepage.

Being a basketball specialist since 2006, Bouncewear prides itself on the quality of service and different brands they offer. You can shop for Nike, Spalding, adidas, Under Armor, Air Jordan, and a lot more on their website. They also share exclusive releases of basketball products for a fun shopping experience. 

9. FootAction

A screenshot of the FootAction online basketball store homepage.

One of the leading online stores when it comes to basketball shoes is FootAction. Founded in the ’80s, this online store today offers different basketball brands like Nike, adidas, Jordan, Puma, and Reebok. 

10. Dick’s Sporting Goods

A screenshot of the Dick's Sporting Goods online basketball store homepage.

We’re sure you have heard about Dick’s Sporting Goods. The store started in 1948 from the heartbreak of an 18-year-old Dick who was told he was just a dumb kid. Knowing this, his grandmother invested in his vision to build his own store, which came up to be Dick’s Sporting Goods.  

Today, Dick’s Sporting Goods is known to offer many sports and gym products and equipment. Despite having multiple physical stores, Dick’s still caters to those who prefer to purchase online. They have basketball products ranging from basketball, hoops, accessories, shoes, and apparel.  

11. Foot Locker

A screenshot of the Foot Locker online basketball store homepage.

Along with brands like Side Step, Eastbay, and Foot Action, Footlocker is under Foot Locker, Inc, which was founded around the ’80s. This online store is passionate about uniting and empowering the youth through sports like basketball. On the Foot Locker website, you will have a variety of brands to choose from, whether for men or women of any age. 

12. BallisLife

 A screenshot of the BallisLife online basketball store homepage.

Started in 2005, BallisLife is a product of a group of friends who envisioned and acted on what they wanted. BallisLife, meaning basketball is life, is a message to everyone that life requires hard work. On their website, you can find basketball apparel and clothing. But this website does not sell basketball shoes.

13. Pro: Direct Basketball

A screenshot of the Pro: Direct Basketball online basketball store homepage.

Pro: Direct Basketball started in 2005 and has come a long way to become one of the best one-stop shops online. They offer shoes, clothes, basketballs, and accessories to all genders and ages. In Pro: Direct, you can also purchase teamwear according to the brand you prefer. 

14. GrosBasket

A screenshot of the GrosBasket online basketball store homepage.

It all started in 2014 for GrosBasket when a simple idea was acted upon and became the online store you know today. GrosBasked sorts their products for easy browsing by the customer. You can shop according to the brand, NBA team or athlete, or category you want. Their website can be a one-stop shop for your ball needs.

15. Fanatics

A screenshot of the Fanatics online basketball store homepage.

Fanatics is a multi-sports online store where you can shop according to the sport you want and the teams you prefer. Aside from basketball, this website also caters to NFL, soccer, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, and many other sports. They also have a broad range of choices you can choose from. 

16. adidas

A screenshot of the adidas online basketball store homepage.

Being one of the leading sports brands globally, adidas allows online shopping through its website. The brand was founded in Germany in 1949 and has come a long way to be on the international scene. adidas is one of the pioneer brands to revolutionize sports shoes in 1969 when basketball was gaining popularity. Today, adidas caters to an online store that features the brand’s best basketball shoes and apparel. 

17. JD Sports

 A screenshot of the JD Sports online basketball store homepage.

Starting in 1981, JD Sports have gone through a rollercoaster. JD Sports has become a global name in online sports stores, including basketball, from being listed in the stock exchange, to opening up many local stores. Now, the passionate people behind this name market a combination of well-known brands to cater to those who are into the sport—men, women, and kids alike. 

18. Culture Kings

A screenshot of the Culture Kings online basketball store homepage.

A store founded in 2008, Culture Kings, remains to be one of the leading online stores to provide the world with global basketball brands for exclusive pieces and releases. It is an Australian-based online store that caters to many countries, including the United States. 

Have Fun Adding to Cart!

An individual holding a credit card and typing on a laptop, ordering from an online basketball store.

This list of the best online basketball stores will give you a better shopping experience with more options and variations to choose from. But sometimes, you can’t help that the product you want is not available in one or some of your favorite online stores. So, go on. Click on the next store. You’ll find what you’re looking for.

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