15 of the Best Online Badminton Stores

A close-up shot of a shuttlecock with feathers on a badminton racket with a black frame.

A badminton player is, by definition, a racket sport athlete. Two people or two opposing teams hit the shuttlecock back and forth using their rackets in a contest to play the game.

While badminton is very simple to learn and play, the sport’s growing appeal is due to the fact that it can be played in small areas. It is a widely appreciated leisure activity with millions around the globe playing badminton in order to get some exercise and stay healthy.

Aside from possessing the necessary abilities and a physically fit physique, you must also invest in high-quality badminton equipment. In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of badminton stores that you may browse through on the Internet.

The 15 Top Picks for Online Badminton Stores

1. Badminton Warehouse

A screenshot of the Badminton Warehouse online badminton store homepage.

Badminton Warehouse, also known as The Premier Badminton Shop, claims that it offers the lowest prices on badminton rackets and equipment on the Internet. You may also buy badminton shoes, backpacks, and other equipment to help you get the most out of your game at this store.

They offer a wide badminton product range that appeals to badminton players at all levels, including beginners, intermediates, and expert players.

2. Badminton Alley

A screenshot of the Badminton Alley online badminton store homepage.

A pro-shop and retail business devoted only to the sport of badminton, Badminton Alley (also known as The Badminton Specialist) has their online shop providing you the most comprehensive variety of badminton rackets, strings, shuttlecocks, shoes, bags, grips, and other accessories.

They also specialize in the stringing of professional badminton rackets for more than 18 years already.

3. Li-Ning Badminton Superstore

A screenshot of the Li-Ning Badminton Superstore online badminton store homepage.

The Li-Ning Badminton Superstore, is a top badminton store in North America. In providing badminton enthusiasts of all levels, both professional and amateur, they promise to be able to satisfy everyone.

They have one of the biggest selections of badminton equipment available, including badminton rackets, lightweight specialty badminton shoes, recreation, and pro-grade shuttlecocks, training and competitive wear, bags, grip tape, string, nets, court mats, posts, stringing machines, accessories, and much more.

4. Badminton Avenue

A screenshot of the Badminton Avenue online badminton store homepage.

Badminton Avenue was established with the aim of allowing you to explore your hobby while also maintaining affordable pricing for you.

They have selected a few one-of-a-kind items that are ideally suitable for individuals with similar tastes to those professional badminton players, including a selection for badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, accessories, restringing, and more!

5. BadmintonBay.com

A screenshot of the BadmintonBay.com online badminton store homepage.

Badminton Bay was established in April 2008 as a result of the founders’ enthusiasm for the sport of badminton. They claim to carry the most up-to-date badminton equipment, such as badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, grips, string, shoes, and bags from brands such as ABROZ, APACS, Flex Power, Felet, and RSL, as well as other brands.

Their product range includes items for badminton players of all skill levels, including beginners, intermediates, and expert players. They also provide free delivery on purchases totaling $200 or more.

6. SunriseClick

A screenshot of the SunriseClick online badminton store homepage.

SunriseClick aspires to be the number one online retailer for Yonex and Mikasa goods in the world. Because they aim to provide the largest selection of goods, the most satisfactory customer service, and recognize and honor badminton players worldwide.

They offer a large variety of badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, and clothing for both men and women, and they also have legitimate checks to ensure that their goods are genuine.

7. Nydhi.com

A screenshot of the Nydhi.com online badminton store homepage.

The mission of Oryx Systems Inc is to offer badminton players equipment of the best quality at competitive rates. Their products are sold via the company’s online store, Nydhi.com, and at their warehouse location.

Yonex and Victor Badminton equipment, such as rackets, shoes, and clothing, are also sold by them, as well as Golden Eagle shuttlecocks, which they claim to be an authorized vendor.

8. Badminton Express

 A screenshot of the Badminton Express online badminton store homepage.

The Eastbay Badminton Association’s official online store is Badminton Express. This company is an authorized distributor of badminton equipment from Yonex, Wilson, Li-Ning, Victor, Adidas, Black Knight, Apacs, and Carlton.

Every one of their rackets is strung by Mr. Norman Lam, a professional stringer who has been certified by Yonex to do so. Since 1993, he has been a Yonex authorized dealer, providing service to the company’s customers.

9. Toby’s Sports

A screenshot of the Toby's Sports badminton section on their online store homepage.

A tiny and inexpensive toy store selling imported Disney products was the seed of Toby’s Sports humble beginnings in 1978. Their online store offers a section dedicated to badminton, including badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, a badminton net, and other badminton equipment.

The company is continuously evolving to stay up with the trends.

10. JoyBadminton

A screenshot of the JoyBadminton online badminton store homepage.

Joy Badminton is a badminton specialist shop that operates both online and in-store. They have been in the Los Angeles area for more than 15 years. They claim to be the #1 authorized Yonex US dealer and to have the widest variety of badminton rackets, strings, shuttlecocks, shoes, bags, grips, and more in the US.

They have been in the market since 1991 and are also specialized in badminton stringing.

11. Chris Sports

A screenshot of the Chris Sports online badminton store homepage.

Chris Sports has been the shop for a broad selection of the newest sports and equipment for badminton, both online and in their physical stores, for over thirty years. Affirming their goal to offer superior quality and products that outperform the competition, their slogan reads, “Better Equipment, Better Game.”

12. MY Badminton Store

A screenshot of the MY Badminton Store online badminton store homepage.

MyBadmintonStore.com (MBS) is an online badminton shop owned and managed by My-Store Limited. A wide range of rackets, shuttlecocks, and accessories for the sport of badminton is available from their online store.

Moreover, if you have any queries about a particular item, they are glad to assist you with answers tailored to your needs and playing style.

13. SportsJam

A screenshot of the SportsJam badminton section on their online store homepage.

Strikers are what SportsJam refers to its customers. They created an online store for badminton so that they may have it delivered directly to your house or apartment. Scan through your favorite brands with the most up-to-date equipment.

From rackets, balls, bats, and clubs to shoes, caps, and hundreds of many other accessories, you’ll find a great variety to choose from.

14. Yonex USA

A screenshot of the Yonex online badminton store homepage.

Yonex has been the sole sponsor of the All England Badminton Championships since its inception in 1984. Moreover, they continue to develop the most technologically sophisticated sports equipment for badminton players, whether amateur and professional, in order to help them perform at a better level in their sport.

15. SportsUncle

A screenshot of the SportsUncle online badminton store homepage.

Located in India, SportsUncle is a genuine full-line online badminton shop that also happens to be a healthcare store. Badminton equipment such as rackets, shoes, shuttlecocks, clothing, and other badminton accessories are available in their online store.

They also insist on being one of the go-to shops for one of the most well-known badminton instructors and players in the world and some celebrities from all over the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the equipment used in badminton?

A close-up shot of a badminton net on court with a fast-moving shuttlecock moving over it.

A net, a shuttlecock, and at least two rackets are required for each participant to participate in badminton. The badminton court is divided along the middle by a net that spans it. Its height must be 5 feet 1 inch high on both ends and 5 feet high in the middle. For both singles and doubles play, the posts must be placed on the furthest sidelines, 20 feet apart.

Which racket is best for badminton?

Take a look at these amazing rackets that may make a significant impact on your overall game performance:

Yonex Arcsaber 10

Yonex Arcsaber 11

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2

Yonex Voltric 70

Yonex Voltric 5

Yonex Voltric 7

Yonex Voltric 1DG

Yonex Duora 10

Yonex Nanoray 900

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

Yonex Nanoray 10

Yonex Nanoray 20

Yonex Nanospeed 9900

Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash

Yonex Voltric 80

Why is a shuttlecock called a birdie?

A close-up shot of a shuttlecock with feathers on a badminton racket with a black and yellow frame.

Some refer to it as a shuttlecock, while others refer to it as a birdie… Because some people find the term “shuttlecock” insulting, it is often referred to simply as “shuttle.” A birdie is the exact same thing as a shuttlecock in terms of appearance. 

The projectile is given this name because it is made entirely of feathers, which gives it its distinctive appearance.

It’s nice to know that we can now shop and purchase via our phones since it relieves us from the chore of going through physical shops. And if your dream badminton racket or equipment has no available stock at your nearby physical stores, just find it on the list of online stores I provided for you.

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