15 Most Expensive Golf Balls

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The game of golf is not the same as it was two or three decades ago. Players have become more adept in training, and equipment has been infused with technology to take on more significant and more challenging courses.

While it may seem like the golf ball did not change in any shape or form, it has seen plenty of innovation and upgrades over the last years, making them even more critical in giving players both amateurs and experienced golfers plenty of opportunities to level up their game.

Here are some of the most expensive golf balls ever to grace the market. These have features and technology that help increase control, spin, and overall performance.

15. Volvik S4

A Volvik S4 golf ball from Caddies Shack.

Source: Caddies Shack

This premium golf ball is for those who want to put maximum distance between them and the ball. It is built to react well for fast swing speeds and pierces the air while flying thanks to the high-grade Urethane coating. Users will get a great feel and spin rate from this golf ball. This is a tour caliber ball.

It has four-piece construction, which makes it feel smooth on any shot. Teeing off this ball is also loud and satisfying. The core is Volvik’s dual-power specs which use Bismuth to provide distance and explosiveness.

Golfers who use this ball will experience better control and optimized energy, allowing for greater distances. It delivers low driver spin with a solid core but is capable of high spin when you want to get plenty of control.

14. Bridgestone Tour B330

A Bridgestone Tour B330 golf ball from Lost Golf Balls.

Source: Lost Golf Balls

This flagship golf ball gives its competition a run for its money. This golf ball is designed to optimize players’ performance with relatively high swing speed. The high compression of about 100 helps high-speed swingers to generate the maximum distance possible.

It flies off with minimal to no spin but rolls well upon landing. The trajectory is stable and consistent, which is why it is excellent for shaping shots as long as it is along the expectations set in the category this ball falls in.

Since it is designed to have tour-level performance, you don’t need to worry about controlling it in the green. A slight adjustment of your shot and you will find that this can perform well.

13. Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS

A Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS golf ball from Caddies Shack.

Source: Caddies Shack

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS are innovative golf balls with the Reactiv Urethane Cover, an impact modifier that can be a game-changer for many players. You can gain more distance and more spin from this ball, making it a jack of all trades. 

One can attest to this golf ball’s effectiveness as it was designed by Tiger Woods and regularly uses in tournaments.

Other features include gradational compression, which improves the overall speed and reduces spin off the driver, dual dimple design helps add distance and increase the roll. The seamless cover technology makes every shot consistent, accurate, and precise.

12. Nike 20XI-X

A Nike 20XI-X golf ball from Found Golf Balls.

Source: Found Golf Balls

This revamped version is an improvement of a rather disappointing previous generation. They had improved this golf ball so much that it had earned accolades when launched.

They improved this golf ball by enlarging the RZN, the resin core. They also made the ball softer as there were reports from the previous generation that it was too stiff.

The 20XI-X has a straight flight which gives an advantage to many golfers. As it is designed for distance and accuracy, it is easy to put this anywhere you want it to go. It fights successfully against the headwind and crosswind. 

You will experience adequate control on the green, which is way better than the version it replaced.

11. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

A Callaway chrome soft golf ball from Golf Galaxy.

Source: Golf Galaxy

These golf balls are designed to look different, but they are also made to feel different from the rest. Callaway Chrome Soft is meant to make everyone feel like they leveled up to tour level. They claim to reengineer every element and aspect of the ball to increase its speed and improve distance.

Its features include a large graphene-infused dual SoftFast core, increasing the distance. The core is significantly larger, which results in higher launch and lower spin speed. The thin and firm outer core with graphene helps increase durability and wedge spin.

The new speed mantle system gives plenty of benefits to the player. A proprietary lonomer blend helps increase the energy transfer, making this ball go faster. With a thin urethane cover, golfers will get a greater feel and control of its spin.

10. Callaway Speed Regime SR1, SR2, SR3

Callaway offers golf balls for every swing speed. Starting from SR1, which is for the lowest swing speed, to SR3, those with professional-level speeds. We will look at the SR3 as it has the highest price range.

This is made for tour-level golfers. It has a high-compression core and a softcover. The SR3 has a lower trajectory and great control in the green.

High-speed swingers will appreciate the firmness of this golf ball. The launch gives the familiar click that Callaway balls are known for. It flies straight and true without compromise.

Anyone looking for an easy-to-control golf ball will appreciate what the SR3 has to offer. It has an excellent spin on the green and responded nicely to any shot given to it.

9. Srixon Z Star

A Z-Star golf ball from Srixon.

Source: Srixon

Srixon balls are made for one thing: distance. And that’s what the Z Star line offers. The key is the reengineered cover with more elasticity which provides a better reaction when hit. It also helps increase spin and stopping power in greens.

Its cover material is urethane and has three-piece construction. The 338 dimples provide good aerodynamics. It is a mid-launch with a mid-spin configuration golf ball. It is one of the best golf balls released by Srixon.

8. Titleist Pro V1X

A Pro V1X golf ball from Titleist.

Source: Titleist

The new Titleist Pro V1X is developed to offer increased performance and longer distances. It has a low long game spin and was designed to increase greenside control so that you can finish strong.

It sports the reformulated 2.0 ZG process dual-core and the 348 spherically tiled tetrahedral dimple design to increase control, consistency, and versatility wherever you are on the course. The soft cast urethane elastomer cover system gives a better feel when teeing off. The high-flex casing gives the ball more speed and reduces the long game spin.

7. Volvik Vista iV

A Volvik Vista iV golf ball from Par Three.

Source: Par Three

Some may know Volvik for having the most colorful golf balls around. But they are more than just pretty faces. They perform well and have been built to outdo competitors.

It has a dual-core and a soft outer layer that wraps a rather firm interior. The cover is made from zirconium. With a compression of 95, it can be utilized by different individuals with different swing speeds.

This golf ball has a mid-high flight. It also has an above-average down-range which carries without much of a spin. Hitting the ball makes one feel its firmness which is something that a lot of softer balls miss.

It performs well on the fairway and rough as it provides great control to the golfer. The story is the same on the green. This golf ball shines not just with its various colors but also with its versatility and performance.

6. TaylorMade Lethal

A TaylorMade Lethal golf ball from Golf Ball Nut.

Source: Golf Ball Nut

This is a winning golf ball during its debut. One reason for its stellar performance is the 86% more dimple coverage compared to the Penta TP5, the golf ball it replaced.

As modern golf clubs are designed to launch balls higher, this ball is designed to keep the conditions to keep the ball from ballooning or getting too affected by the wind. This way, it maximizes the distance and extends the second stage flight. It also helps control the ball spin and provides better aerodynamics when playing in the wind.

It has a firmer feel which may be quite odd for some players. But they will quickly get around to understanding how to work with this ball.

As intended, upon launching, this golf ball has a relatively low trajectory. It flies straight and true and does not waver. Roll out is also fairly good.

It is easy to agree that this is TaylorMade’s best ball yet. However, some, especially low-handicap golfers, may find it hard to find the sweet spot immediately, but it is not too difficult to find though.

5. TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x

TaylorMade 2021 TP5 Pix 2.0 Golf Balls White

Both TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are made with a Tri-Fast core and a Dual-Spin cover which adds up to create a 5-layer construction that will work virtually with any club. These enhanced models are set to offer the best of what TaylorMade has in store.

It has the High-Flex Material that brings a whole new level of experience and performance. The patented five-layer construction is an innovation that makes every golfer seem to improve their skills instantly. 

The company calls this their Speed Layer System. The way it works is that it acts like a wound spring that has stored energy in it. When hit by a club, it creates another rebound energy which increases the speed of the ball as it is hit by the driver’s head.

They intend this ball to work well no matter the swing speed of the golfer. This way, it can motivate people to play and enjoy their day. A player may increase the speed of the ball by up to 10% when they use this.

4. Titleist Pro V1x

A Titleist Pro V1x golf ball from Golf Ball Planet.

Source: Golf Ball Planet

Taking the good from the Titleist ProV1, the ProV1x took all the good and added improvements to produce this ball. Compared to the previous generation, this has less spin as well as a greater distance from the tee. It feels slightly firmer too. Any golfer with high swing speed can benefit from using this as their primary golf ball.

It has the typical Titleist feel and sound. It is not so loud but not too soft that it’s not audible. Off the tee, it flies lower than the previous generation. This is a great golf ball for windy environments because of its low spin speeds. 

On the greens, it works well as long as the golfer is confident and is already familiar with the feel of this ball. With a bit of skill, this easily responds to the golfer.

3. XXIO Eleven Golf Balls

XXIO Eleven golf balls from XXIO.

Source: XXIO

These golf balls are designed to help golfers with moderate swing speeds get greater distance and performance in the course. 

The XXIO Eleven Golf Balls have an extremely soft feel and maximize the distance at every swing. It has a 3-piece construction, FastLayer core that helps with the feel, and comes in a variety of colors.

2. Titleist AVX

An AVX golf ball from Titleist.

Source: Titleist

This golf ball has a soft feel to it, thanks to Titleist’s latest technology. The AVX mixes a core design and patented cover to increase its aerodynamic capability. It has a low and piercing flight. But that is not to be a concern because that’s what it was designed for. 

It has a low compression core that gives it a soft feeling. The GRN41 cast thermoset urethane improves scoring control and the overall durability of the ball.

There are 352 tetrahedral dimples on this ball which help deliver consistent trajectory. Anyone looking for a premium, soft-feeling, and long-distance flyer, this is a great golf ball to own.

1. Dixon Fire Golf Balls

Dixon Fire Golf Balls (1 Dozen)

Dixon Fire Golf Balls are not just known for being a premium pack, they are also widely sought after because of the performance they provide.

These golf balls are famous for golfers that have above 160 kph swing speed. It has a medium trajectory which is great for a great number of players. The compression of the ball is at 90, which feels soft on the clubface but puts out maximum distances. It has a 318 dimple pattern that lends a lot to the aerodynamics and capability of a controlled flight.

Professional and experienced golfers will find these golf balls to be a delight to use.


What’s the best golf ball for a beginner?

The answer to this is pretty subjective because it will vary from each person’s preference. But to have a baseline, beginners should focus more on getting control than distance for practical reasons.

How do I know my swing speed?

Professional golf facilities have measuring devices that can detect how fast your swing is.

What’s the best way to clean golf balls?

A wipe down with a clean towel will do. But there are brands that offer cleaning agents as well.


Golf is a sport for any age and skill level. It is certainly interesting to see what manufacturers are doing to make it even more exciting. These most expensive golf balls are proof that there is more to this sport to come in the future.

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