10 Fastest Knockouts in UFC History (Videos)

A capture of when Ryan Jimmo knocks out Anthony Perosh in seconds.

Ironically, the shorter the fight due to a knockout, the greater the value for ticket money when it comes to UFC knockouts.

It’s pretty amazing to watch a fight conclude after a few short seconds.

The Ultimate Fighting Championships have seen some of the ugliest and fastest knockouts. While some are slow and painful to watch, others have been swift and devastating, so sudden that the match only lasts a few minutes.

For most spectators, the faster a knockout happens, the more thrilling the match is. UFC events happen every so often, so the record for the fastest knockout is hardly held for long.

Fighters get to redeem themselves when they lose in the shortest bouts while the winners set new records.

The fastest knockouts have not been consistently happening each year. Some date back almost seven years ago. Here’s a list of some of the greatest knockouts in the history of UFC.

10. Duane Ludwig: 11 Seconds

Duane Ludwig vs Jonathan Goulet at UFC’s Fight-Night 3 is thrilling as it is contentious. What was supposed to go down in history as the fastest knockout was timed at 11 seconds instead of the initial six. Ludwig “Bang” Ludwig, as he is popularly known in the ring, threw a punch that knocked his opponent Jonathan Goulet out in 6 seconds. After the punch, he goes on to pound to him until the knockout is timed.

Ludwig’s time marks the fastest knockout in history. However, due to an error in judgment by the Nevada State’s timekeeper, this time was not recorded. Round one ends with Goulet being floored in either six or eleven seconds. The timekeeper calls timed it at 11 seconds, which was taken to be the official time.

Duane Ludwig’s knockout remains a controversial matter as Nevada State Athletic Commission decided to disregard his prior record and go with the timekeeper’s eleven seconds. In this bout, it is quite easy to see how his fans and foes alike named him the “Bang.”

9. B.J. Penn: 11 Seconds

The fight between Penn and Caol Uno lasted 11 seconds. At the time of the UFC 34 match, Uno was by far more experienced than Penn and was seen as the favorite. Pen had only fought in two other fights, professionally. UFC 34 was his third.

It must have come as a surprise to the spectators and the opponent when Penn delivered a vicious uppercut that effectively knocked out Uno. In the beginning, Uno had sent flying kick Penn’s way, but the lesser experienced fighter had ducked that and instead, gained momentum that saw him throw his opponent off.

This victory was only the first of many. Pen went ahead to win the championship in his weight category.

8. Mark Weir: 10 Seconds

Weir made his debut into UFC with a loud bang when he beat Eugene Jackson in just ten short seconds. Weir threw an excellently timed jab that sent Eugene Jackson tumbling to the ground. He then pounces on him and punches the lights out of him. In those 10 seconds, Weir establishes himself in the UFC.

However, the glory did not last as he went on to lose in the matches that followed. This led to his being drop out of the promotion. His opponent Eugene Jackson also dropped out of UFC following his loss in this match.

7. Gray Maynard: 9 Seconds

The match was UFC Fight Night 11 where, in just 9 seconds, Gray Maynard, nicknamed ‘The Bully’, delivered a left hook that knocked out opponent Joe Veres and sending him into unconsciousness. The match never went to the second round as all that needed to be done in the first.

In this spectacular match, Maynard teases the first attempt then punches out at Veres with his left hand, which sends him crumbling to for floor. All this happening in a split 9 seconds is impressive as the spectators turn to wild jubilation. This among other fights earned him the nickname “The Bully”.

6. Makwan Amirkhani: 8 Seconds

He makes his debut in UFC and in his promotional bout and leaves a lasting impression that enters his name in the list of the fastest knockouts in the history of the game. In only 8 seconds, Amirkhani beats down his opponent Andy Ogle at UFC on Fox 14.

The match ended in the first round, sending a message to the MMA fraternity that this man Amirkhani was a force to reckon with. This promotional competition introduced him to the world.

5. Don Frye: 8 Seconds

It’s one of the oldest matches on the list. Don Frye, a former wrestler, turned professional boxer beat Thomas Ramirez in just 8 seconds. In the match, it’s quite easy to predict a Don Frye win by just looking at his physique as compared to his component.

The one punch that Frye takes sends Ramirez to the corner and out of consciousness. The match was UFC 8, played in 1996. Don Frye’s record went unbeaten for more than a decade.

4. James Irvin: 8 Seconds

At the UFC Fight Night 13, James Irvin and Houston Alexander met in what has gone down in history as one of the fastest matches ever. James extended one punch that sent Houston Alexander tumbling on the floor.

He followed this up with a few punches before the referee intervened and called the match. In a short 8 seconds, it was all done; Irvin won and set a record while Houston went home to lick his wounds. The victory sent the crowd into a frantic celebratory mood, as everyone marveled at how fast the fight had ended.

3. Chan Sung Jung: 7 Seconds

The match is UFC 140, the opponent Mark Hominick; stats, 7 seconds. Chan, known for his reckless style which earned him the name ‘The Korean Zombie,’ came into the match with an agenda; to floor his opponent right before his home crowd.

The featherweight fighter did just that. In seven short seconds, he had ended the match of the day and was ready to take on his next task. The fact that this match was on Hominick’s turf must have made The Korean Zombie feel even better with his performance that day.

Surprisingly, Hominick was the favorite of this match. This could be attributed to the home-ground advantage.

2. Ryan Jimmo: 7 Seconds

He holds a 7 seconds record in his match against Anthony Perosh. This record ties with Todd Duffee’s. The match ended almost as soon as it started. The two had barely touched gloves when the Canadian-born Jimmo brought down his Aussie counterpart with a swift punch. Perosh was out even before he hit the canvas.

It was definitely one of the most thrilling and shortest UFC matches of 2013. Perosh had been the more hyped contender, and the scales tipped a bit on his side. He was basically the match favorite for UFC 149 and most people didn’t see this early knockout coming.

1. Todd Duffee: 7 Seconds

He knocked out his opponent, Tim Hague with only seven seconds into the first round of their UFC 102 match. Todd Duffee meant business when he got into the ring, and he got right into it after declining to touch Hague’s gloves.

The game which happened seven years ago set the fastest time for a knockout and holds this record to date. The 30-year-old boxer didn’t stop at the knockout. Once Tim was floored, Duffee pounced on him and punched him till he lost consciousness.

My favorite knockout:

Ryan Jimmo’s knockout of Anthony Perosh.  Seriously, watch the video above.  It’s as clean as it gets.  Ryan waltzes into the ring and takes Anthony down like a boss.

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